5 Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Skillet

(Jehosheba, this is to get back at you for the picture of me sleeping on the plane)

Skillet is a band that my sister became obsessed with. *ahem* You can guess (from the title of this post) that I really dislike the band.

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Reason #1: All of Skillet sounds very angry

I hear their music playing in the background and it is all anger! UGH! I don’t mind SOME anger in music, because anger is a part of life, but they are overboard.

Reason #2: All I hear is pounding metal

Seriously. The only thing that drowns out the yelling of their voices is the awful banging noises of metal being slammed into metal. *shivers*

Reason #3: The lyrics are full of anger

They’re basically angry with the world and they make that very clear in their songs. When they’re not so angry, they are hopeless and very miserable.

Reason #4: They are literally scream-singing

*shakes head* There are a few songs where they DO actually scream. But, on the whole, the way they sing really just sounds like screaming. And I can hardly understand what they’re saying because they’re SCREAMING IT.

Reason #5: They have really ugly voices *no offense intended*

The main singer’s voice is SO angry when he sings. I really can’t stand his voice….although, it really fits the music well. UGGGGGGGH. (I am sort of intrigued by the way he can scream for so long, though….if it was me, my voice would get hoarse very quickly….)


Have you heard Skillet? What are some bands you can’t stand?

Challenge: go listen to the song Fingernails by Skillet and then share your thoughts below.

68 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Skillet

  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to agree with you here. No offense Jehosheba and-other-people-who-like-this-music, but……. I’m not buyin’ it. XD I turned on the song you linked to, and I COULDN’T FINISH IT. Like, wow. Ewww. Gross.
    Sorry for the rant. XD lol. I’d barely heard of Skillet (from Jehosheba’s blog) but never heard it. I think I’ll keep it that way….. XD

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  2. I listened to the whole thing. Sigh. Without making any comment on the actual music so as not to polarize Jehosheba, it does give insight into the depressed, hopeless mentality of those who have not yet discovered that there is hope in Christ. I suppose some people might like it that someone understands how they feel, but this song only addresses the problem and offers no solution. I personally do not like that type of music.

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  3. Ok. I haven’t heard a bunch of Skillets’ stuff. Only two or three songs. So I honestly can’t say whether I am a Skillet fan or not a Skillet fan. Though I will say that I absolutely LOVE their song, Anchor!!!!!!!! It’s. So. Great. And when I listen to Anchor, I don’t see the hopelessness and depression that you talk of with their other songs. So-o-o-o . . . maybe you’re right, Hattush. I just don’t have an opinion either way. 😉 Sorry about this post, Jehosheba. 😦 😛

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    1. Well, I’m glad that Jehosheba has a friend who shares her like for at least one of Skillet’s songs. 🙃😉 yeah, well the song Lions that they sang actually surprised me….it doesn’t sound so angry and it is actually an ok song…
      lol. She deserved it. XD she said she’s plotting revenge, though. 😬


      1. Ha ha. 🙂 Yeah, Lions is the other song of theirs I’ve heard. So, I haven’t heard any of their “angry” songs. Lol! 😛 Okay . . . she may deserve it . . . a little . . . (shrugs) Whoo hoo! Can’t wait for the revenge! I should give her some ideas. (evil laugh)

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        1. Yeah, they play Anchor and Lions on the radio and I had no idea it was Skillet until Jehosheba told me. I do think that if you listened to their other music, you might not like them….
          *shocked gasp* uh oh…..I’m in for it now……….XD


  4. Okay, guys, since this post was written for ME, I have a right to correct any misguided thoughts.
    First of all, Skillet’s voices aren’t that bad. I actually hated them at first, but now I really like ’em. Secondly, their music is BEAUTIFUL. It’s very relatable. They’re straight to the point, strong, enduring and HONEST. Which is kind of hard to find. Sure, a lot of their songs talk about how angry they are, but their anger is really directed to the things people do, not the people themselves. Fine line… uh… I can’t really think of anything else to say in their defense. It’s just a matter of taste.
    But I’ll just close with this. Skillet is now my favorite band and there really isn’t any other band who can compare with them.

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    1. Yes! I’ve heard a couple songs by Moriah Peters. What are your favorites?
      Ooh, that is a hard question! I really like Plumb and Josh Garrels and Casting Crowns and some music by KB and NF. 🙃


          1. Uh . . . (giggles nervously) I can’t remember the names. I’ve heard a couple. They play them at the skating rink when we go, and I think they’re awesome. I can’t think of the name though . . . (Growls)

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                  1. Let You Down is a cool song. LOVE IT! But it’s weird, because with effects, he made his voice really high, so for the longest time, I thought a girl was singing with him at the beginning! (laughs) And then one of our friends told us that it was still him, just over a computer. 😉 It’s crazy.

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                    1. Uh, I like quite a few. 😛Casting Crowns, Tenth Avenue North, Lauren Daigle, JJ Heller, Josh Garrels, Plumb…..I have way too many. XD


                    2. Oooh . . . I recognized most of those!!! Good ones!!! ❤ I love . . . well . . . I have WAY too many. For King & Country definitely top my list though (trust me, it's a long list). I'm SO, SO excited that I'll get to see them IN CONCERT in April! Can't WAIT!

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                    3. WOW! That’s so cool that you get to see For King & Country in concert!!! Jehosheba was telling me about how you got that opportunity!!! SO COOL!


                    4. Ha ha! Does Jehosheba tell you everything about me?! (giggles) Though I don’t care. 🙂 And yes, I’ve very excited. Rebekah went to one of their concerts last year for her birthday, and told me they have cool concerts. And I’ve heard from other people that their concerts are amazing experiences.

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                    5. I LOVE CONCERTS! They’re amazing. They’re loud, but amazing. I’ve seen Danny Gokey, Natalie Grant, Anthony Evans, Matthew West, and Jeremy Camp. And then I WILL see for King & Country in April. I think you would like them!

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      1. I like her song Glow, (I also like to listen to the Spanish version, Brilla ) Brave, Don’t Want To Live For Me, and Well Done. What are some of your favorites by Casting Crowns?

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  6. I’m with Jehosheba on this one, but most of that boils down to preferences. What I actually really LOVE about Skillet is the people. I think it’s so cool that John and his wife travel the country homeschooling their children and playing music. But even beyond that, I love how the Cooper family continues over and over to urge people to turn back to the Bible for the source of truth rather than all these other things. So even if you hate his music, you might enjoy some of his writings. Here’s one as an example: https://www.facebook.com/johnlcooperstuff/posts/2899206276971952

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    1. That’s kinda cool, actually! Yeah, there some singers that I dislike their music, but then I read about them and their lives….and I like them as people, but just not their music. XD


  7. I know this post is super old………but I don’t like Skillet either (where in half the earth did they use that as their name????). I don’t find most of their songs Christ honoring and their clothes…….. *cues hymns and calmer, Christ honoring contemporary music*

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