Today is the day, people! We are kicking off the first-ever, DOTL, art contest! GUYS. I am so pumped about this and I seriously cannot wait to see all the entries!

All the fabulous people who entered are:













Thank you all for entering! I cannot wait to see all the entries, and see the way you interpret the prompts.

Okay – Prompt One is…….







I honestly cannot give you a reason WHY I chose these prompts, but interpret them how you will. Let me clarify one thing, if you choose Joy as your prompt, Joy is NOT happiness. They are not the same thing. If you choose Happiness, do whatever you wish, but Joy is special and last forever……

If you do Joy, and interpret it well, in a special, unique way, then you get a bonus 5 points.

You get:

5 points for participating automatically

5 points for creativity

5 points for beauty and well done

Along with any other points we believe you deserve based on multiple retrospects from my unbiased point of view. To ensure I don’t know who sent what, this week’s entries will be emailed to Hattush, and if you tag us in a blog post you made, I will make sure I don’t look at them until I’ve already posted everyone’s points from this week.
Next week, it is going to be Hattush’s turn to come up with a prompt and judge. (Unless something happens and she wants me to do next week’s as well. XD)

You can either take a photo of your drawing, painting, freehand or sketch and email it to me (Through contact on the blog above) or you can post it on your blog and tag DOTL in it, and you have until the 17th.



~Cailyn XOXO

14 thoughts on “Let’s GOOOOO!

    1. Duh!! 🤣🤣 I can’t believe myself! You already said that we have until the 17th! 😂 I didn’t catch that part (??), but I had a feeling. My! Silly me! 😜


  1. Should participants explain WHY or WHAT if is/makes it fit the prompt of happiness or joy? Sometimes the judge can’t tell why something is what it is without context. 😊

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  2. Hi, I can’t find the contact page, I’m so sorry! My art is ready to go but I can’t find it…
    Also, just a random question but can we use art we have done before?


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