Operation Moving: Progressing!

People, I am pleased to announce that we officially have all of our stuff out of the storage unit and our house/garage! *cheers* Yesterday was the “big day”. We rented a U-haul and Jehosheba, Nahum and Daddy loaded it up with a bunch of stuff. They came back and we unloaded it. Repeat. I was surprised at how quickly it went, though! And I’m very happy to have my stuff back. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ AND WE FOUND OUR BEDS! So we’ll be able to get those set up soon. πŸ™‚ Jehosheba and I have bunk beds. (Mine squeaks every. single. time. I. move.) It’ll be weird sleeping up off the ground again. XD

Anyway! Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us/helped us as during our move here! We just have one “phase” left! (The big unfun one of unpacking everything….)

Happy almost New Year, people! Enjoy the last few days of 2019!

29 thoughts on “Operation Moving: Progressing!

  1. Yippee! We have bunk beds too . . . and Noah’s bunk (he has the top) squeaks and makes a lot of noise even when he moves just a little bit. He can’t help it, but it’s so annoying! (laughs) And the girls’ bunks make noise too . . . so we get it! (laughs)

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                    1. Yeah, I ended up sleeping the rest of the illness out on the floor. XD I didn’t exactly want to go back to my bed in the condition it was in anyway….XD


  2. Whew! That must feel good! I’m glad it went well. I’ve moved (with my family) about 8 times in my life. Your 15 times or so has definitely topped mine! XD

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