Happy Birthday, Dovid!

Dear Tiny,

Hey! Wow, I can’t believe it! You’re officially one year old! It’s crazy to think how quickly you’ve grown up! It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in the bedroom, at four AM, watching you come into the world and take your first breath!

August 2019 070

Now you’re eating on your own, walking and even trying to talk! You’re getting big so quickly, little guy!

Love ya,Tiny!


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dovid!

  1. Happy birthday, Dovid!!!! You’re so sweet, and you’re such a joy to be around! I love your smile and your giggles, and the silly little noises you make at people. (laughs) It’s hard to believe that you’re one already – and walking! You’re growing up too fast! And Hattush, I think it’s so cool that you got to be a part of watching him enter the world!

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  2. Dovid is soooooo cute!!! 🙂Kids grow up WAY too fast. I saw this one baby the day he was born, and now he’s so big! But he thinks I’m loud or weird, maybe both, soooo I can’t hold him. 😭


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