Operation Moving: Update

HELLO PEOPLE! I HAVE MISSED YOU! We haven’t had internet since we left our temporary home, which is why I haven’t posted anything in so long. But the internet is running now and I am finally back here where I belong! *happy sighs*

When I left you, we had just closed on our house. On Saturday (the 14th) we finished packing our stuff and we left our temporary home!! We got to our new house (which was *ahem* rather dirty) and spent most of the day cleaning. (Well, Mama and Jehosheba cleaned and I watched Yoveil and Dovid.) Nahum & Baruch scrubbed the living room floor (which was SO GROSS, BTW) and then we all had a marshmallow fight! XD It was a lot of fun, actually. Throwing mini marshmallows can be really hilarious! Dovid and Yoveil just crawled around on the floor stuffing handfuls of marshmallows into their mouths. XD The whole bag disappeared strangely quickly. XD We stayed up past midnight and the collapsed onto our floors and drifted off into dream land. (We didn’t have our beds yet – they were scattered throughout the storage unit.)

Sunday I got up really late. I wandered around the house and took a bunch of pictures of all of my siblings.

We went to a couple stores and dropped by the storage unit to try to find some mattresses. We found my parents’ mattress and my brothers’ (YUCK) but the rest of the mattresses were too far back to reach. (And hey, I would SO much rather sleep on the floor than unload all of that stuff. XD)

Monday we did more cleaning and we also got a nice washer & drier! We rented Toy Story 4 and ate meatball sandwiches that night. *heart eyes* It was fun. We also got the baby gates put up at the top and bottom of the staircase! *CHEERS* Now we can let Dovid crawl around without worrying that he’ll get hurt on the stairs. You know, it’s amazing how much trouble such a tiny person can get into! One of his favorite activities is finding a box (especially one with breakable things) and then unloading EVERYTHING and throwing it all to the floor. :/ At least sometimes he picks it up again. 🙂 He really is a darling little kid. He’s especially cute when he falls to sleep while I’m holding him. 🙂

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to here! Moving in is goin’ forward and we’re getting settled into our new home! It’s just so weird thinking about it…like, wow, this is our home. When we moved last year, it didn’t really feel like home. I guess it was understood from the beginning that we weren’t going to stay there long term. But here? *shrugs* I guess we’ll see! For now, it’s home and I’m thankful to be here.


11 thoughts on “Operation Moving: Update

  1. Thx for the update, Hattush! And wow . . . those pictures are cool! Everyone’s so cute!! Well . . . (ahem) beautiful and handsome (don’t tell Jehosheba I just called her cute).

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