The Revenge Of Gus

Kaleyand I have written another story for you all. 🙂 XD This one is SO funny! XD XD Enjoy!

The Revenge of Gus

(Hattush was looking through her fridge for something to snack on one afternoon. She was startled when she heard a tiny voice.)

Green beans: PICK ME UP! I wanna talk to you!

Hattush: *looks around in confusion* who are you?? WHERE are you?

Green beans: Look to your right. See that Tupperware there? We’re all sitting in it! All of us! All fifty seven of us!

Hattush: *picks up the Tupperware and looks inside to see little mushy green beans* I had no idea you could talk!

Green beans: Do you ever think that life is unfair?

Hattush: Uh –

Green beans: Because if you do, then you would know exactly how me and my friends feel!

Hattush: And why?

Green bean spokesperson 1:*grabs paper from invisible pocket*  We the beans of the Tupperware Bowl in the Fridge, in order to knock some sense into the numb-skull humans…

GBS 2: Are literally going to knock sense into your head! *jumps out of bowl*

Hattush: AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!! *feels moment of panic*

GBS 1: Hey! You ruined my speech! Get back here! *grabs the idiotic green bean*

GBS 2: Okay, fine, you can do your speech thing.

GBS 1: Ok. Thank you.  As I was saying, People disrespect us daily. Just because we’re green, mushy, old, and earthy-tasting, we get tossed.

Hattush: (thought to self) I end up talking with the worst foods.

GBS 3: By the way, I can read your mind. I am Super Bean.

Hattush: *panics for second time* Soooooooo… You know what I think of y’all?

GBS 3: YES. You think Geppetto over there is hilarious and that Gus is awful. You are also freaked out by me.

Hattush: *blinks* *dumps beans in trash* *runs for life as Gus escapes*

GBS 2 (Gus): Oh, you’re asking for it!

Hattush: *screams* WHY ARE YOU CHASING ME?!

(Gus chases Hattush and uses his slimy little arms to grab onto her skirt.

Hattush: HEY! LEMME GO!

Gus: I SHALL AVENGE MY FRIENDS DEATHS! You threw them into the trash can and they were killed by the big Bottle of Chemical that was down there! I AM THE ONLY ONE LEFT!

Hattush: Woops… If it would make you feel better, I could run to the store and buy some more green beans!


(Gus’s little eyes turn red and he looks really gross with all that slime hanging off of him)

Hattush: No offense, but you are kind of small…how are you going to get revenge on all humans?

Gus: *eyes flaming* I will find a way! I will go from house to house gathering all of the Leftover Green Beans. Though we are small, we will unite and will overthrow you!

Hattush: *hides laughter*

Gus: But for now, I’ll settle with destroying you… hmmm…

Hattush: Sorry, I’m not actually that worried…

Gus: Ah-ha! Well, you should be! *jumps on to table* *uses bizarre green bean strength to shove antique vase off table*

Hattush: Uhhh…

Mom: *hears shattering vase* *dashes to table* AUUUUUGH! HATTUSH! I THOUGHT YOU WERE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER THAN TO DO SOMETHING LIKE… *continues to scream*

(Gus has climbed onto Hattush’s shoulder)

Gus: Ha! You’re grounded for life!

Hattush: (whispered) Not quite, but close.

Gus: *frowns deeply* *jumps down and runs to kitchen* *turns on stove* *tosses dish towel on stove*


Hattush: (thought in head) Ok, now I’m grounded for life.

Mom: *shakes head* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Hattush: Uhhhh.

Gus: AND NOW I WILL FINISH YOU! *Grabs a pair of scissors and begins to cut Hattush’s hair*

Hattush: *SCREAMS* OH NOOOOO! *runs to the bathroom and sees that her hair looks awful* LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME!!!!!

Mom: *hears Hattush screaming and comes in* *GASPS* HATTUSH! Aren’t you old enough to know better than to cut your hair like that?! What’s gotten into you today?!

Gus: (whispers) See?! You’re doomed now! You’ll never be able to go anywhere in public half bald like that!

Hattush: *weeps* HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR! *weeps more* Are you done with your revenge now?

Gus: *laughs evilly* Are you kidding me?! I’m just starting! By the time I’m done with you, you will be nothing more than a little green heap!

Hattush: Like you?

Gus: You need to feel the pain that you have inflicted upon me and my feel Leftover GB’s.

Hattush: *doesn’t think that Gus is so incapable of carrying out his threats anymore* Great.

Mom: Why are you talking to yourself?

Gus: SHE ISN’T! SHE”S TALKING TO A GREENBEAN SHE TRIED TO DESTROY! (whispered) Hey, I can go after your family now!

Hattush: *eyes widen* Uh, Mom? I have this bug on my shoulder. Can you help me kill it?

Mom: Why haven’t you killed it yet? *looks insanely confused*

Hattush: Uh, long story.

Mom: You have a story about THE BUG?!!

Hattush: Just help me kill it please.

Gus: *jumps on to Mom’s shoulder* * grabs scissors again* *cuts Mom’s hair*

Mom: *screams* A BUG THAT CAN CUT HAIR?!

Hattush: *takes deep breath* Uh…something like that…

(Hattush’s sister walked into the room)

Jehosheba: WHA! *laughs hysterically* What happened to you guys?!

Hattush: *glares towards smirking Gus* Nothing…

Jehosheba: *looks closely at the hair cut* Why did you guys write “Revenge of Gus” on the back of your heads?

Hattush: (in head) GUS. I NEED TO FINISH HIM OFF! …Do they have insane asylums for vegetables?!

Gus: SEE! SEE! The Green Bean has power beyond what anyone believes! ONE DAY, ONE DAY WE WILL RULE THE WHOLE WORLD! Mawwahaha!

Hattush: *faints*

Jehosheba: Hey, what’s that weird green thing walking around?


Jehosheba: *squashes Gus*

The End!

(And just so you all can see what Gus looked like, here is a picture of the little guy. XD)

Gus the green bean.png LOL. XD


27 thoughts on “The Revenge Of Gus

  1. Oh my gosh, this is so funny. I was looking at Kaley’s stories I write page and found it… Naughty Gus! But I kinda think it’s sad he lost his friends. I suppose grief and anger occasionally do strange things to people but do beans have legit emotions? 🤔 😂 I’ve been meaning to ask. Want to do a collab?

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