Deep Thoughts on Writing, Chickens….and Colds

Well people, I don’t know what to say. XD It’s just me and my laptop, sitting here saying a bunch of random things. You guys love this, right? *looks around to find the crickets that are chirping annoyingly* Anybody?

Last night I stayed up until after twelve working on a Christmas story. It seemed to be going so well last night, but this morning I woke up and read part of it and was like, “Uh…..that makes no sense whatsoever.” I think the sleep-deprived brain has a way of making everything look better. Unfortunately.

Right now the sky is cloudy and I’m an ice chunk. Sure, it IS forty degrees here, which is much warmer than I would be if I was still living back in MN (it’s 11 degrees there right now, FYI) but I’m freezing. I think it has to do with the fact that I got a cold. I felt perfectly fine this morning, but now my throat hurts and I’m shivering even though I’m RIGHT in front of the heater. (I have it on high, which normally fries my legs, but today it’s just barely warm enough.) So yeah, I’d say that the cold just caught me and decided to make me miserable for a while. *sighs* At least I was able to finish most of my school work before it got me….In case you haven’t noticed, the good part of my brain shuts down when I’m sick and I just get weird. Really weird. I’ll probably go back and read this in a few days and smack myself for actually publishing it. But this is my blog (well, half my blog XD) so I can write whatever I want. Right? *shrugs*

*searches lagging brain for more topics* how many times in the last year has that appeared in my blog post?

I hope that you all had good Thanksgivings. We had a really nice time. Pretty much everyone helped make some part of the meal (even Baruch) and it was really good. *heart eyes* I love holiday food! What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving? I seriously cannot believe that NOVEMBER is over and that DECEMBER is here already! This is crazy! My life seems to be going by so fast now that I’m getting older. (16 is ancient, right? XD) Soon we’ll be leaving this temporary house and we’ll be moving into our permanent house! It’ll be great ! ….except for the part where we take everything out of the storage unit and to our new house. It was so much work Β to get it there, I’m thinking I’d just rather leave it there for a couple more months…..or maybe donate it all to a bunch of thrift shops.

It’s been a while since I Β talked about my little succulent plants. For all of you concerned people, yes they pretty much all made it through the move (some of them just barely). I think two or three of them died, but that wasn’t too bad. They’re all sitting near the kitchen looking pretty content. πŸ™‚ They are so cute!

*glares at brother who is making extremely loud noises that are shattering my headached head into a million pained pieces* OUCH. I used to get headaches a LOT. Like I’d get them several times a week. I don’t get them as much anymore, which is great. But the *ahem* kind cold that decided to infect my body also gave me a headache. :/ (Thanks a lot, Mr. Cold.)

For part of Baruch’s science, he is studying the moon phases, etc. (I think…that’s what I gathered from the bits and pieces that I’ve heard this morning). I remember back when I was like eight or nine, I think, we figured out all the moon phases using Oreo cookies! πŸ˜› That was a lot of fun. (Especially because we got to eat them later!) Life back then was kinda fun. We lived in an RV for a little while. It was kind of crowded because we had six people there, but I loved it. πŸ™‚


Man, we all looked so much younger! XD We were cute kids. We had a lot of fun running around outside. We were raising a bunch of turkeys and chickens (for meat purposes) and it was always fun to watch them. I remember once, Jehosheba decided to keep one of the runt chickens as a pet. I think it ended up dying… 😦 Cornish Cross chickens aren’t exactly designed to live for a long time. They get fat quick and away they go. 😦


There’s one of them in the younger days of its life. πŸ™‚ They LOVED the greens that we planted for them. It was so fun Β to watch Daddy open up the doors to their coop and to see them all run out (as fast as they could….they were rather big birds) and devour the greens! Ah, memories. πŸ™‚

And so, life goes on. Seconds continue to tick by and minutes keep going. *nods wisely* Have a good day. And stay weird. πŸ˜‰


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