Thanksgiving Recap+Announcement!

Hello, people! Pardon my irregularity, but life is hectic, ya know? Anyway, yesterday was Thanksgiving! Many people only celebrate, or recognize giving thanks on that ordained day – Thanksgiving. This is horribly incorrect and contrary to the ordinance of God. Every day is a blessing – a reason to give thanks to our Father Who blessed us with another day to serve Him! Every breath (James 4:14), every step, every minute is a reason to thank God above for His mercies that are anew each and every morning (Lamentations 3:23b)! None of us are deserving of life, yet he gives it abundantly (2 Corinthians 9:8a) and without restraint all who call on His name (Romans 10:13). Let us give thanks every day – for is He not worthy?!

Now, moving on to some photos! Yesterday, after having a nice time at my Nana and Papaw’s house for a Thanksgiving lunch, we headed to a good friend’s house. Here is a photo recap of our blessed day of thankfulness, friends, fellowship and food enough food that it’ll take me until NEXT Thanksgiving to lose the weight I’ll gain during the holidays. *groans*


Anyway! Enjoy!

Also, some of these are quite grainy because of the low lighting and the fact that I need a better lens, but it’s the moment and joy that counts not the low quality of the photos, right?


Thanksgiving22 (1).jpg

When we first arrived everyone stood around talking and eyeing all the food. XD


XD I got a picture of my friend TAKING a picture! Lol!

Thanksgiving29 (1).jpg

Ah…..this picture is so pretty, but I wish the sky wasn’t so washed out!

Thanksgiving28 (1).jpg

I love their barn! It has such a quaint, rustic, ancient feel so it. No offense, barn. I, personally, love your appealing charm.

Thanksgiving27 (1).jpg

All the kids were getting ready to play Capture the flag, and I had been involuntarily nominated to pick the teams. Here everyone was trying to figure ‘it’ out. I honestly don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Besides not paying attention to ME. XDXDThanksgiving26.png

This was on the backside of me when I took the picture before this one. Two lines…….and I hadn’t even chosen the teams yet! They couldn’t make up their mind WHICH side to line up on. *sigh* Also, look closely at this photo. What do you see? I see this:


*shakes head* I will get back at you for ruining my photo. *glares at him*


Noah LOVES riding scooters! He just looks adorable with his RAINJACKET on, doesn’t he? *cue the ‘AWWWW’* Notice how hard it’s raining. NOT. XD Eh, I still love him. Yellow rainjacket and all.


SOMEONE noticed me taking the picture…..I wish people wouldn’t pay attention, I love taking casual, unposed photos. As if you could miss the 5′.9 girl with a big, black box held to her face.

Anyway. Sweet friendship. ❤


And this lovely girl is Reowna. (Ree – O – nu [soft ‘u’ sound]) Some sweet friends of ours recently bought her; isn’t she LOVELY?! She’s a Gypsy Vanner horse, and they are noted for their long, thick manes/tails.



Although I loved Reowna, Rushi stole my heart. I MEAN, LOOK AT HER. SHE.IS.GORGEOUS. She was so sweet and friendly (especially if you had treats! XD) and was is gorgeous. I don’t quite remember what breed she is, but I love her all the same.

I need a horse. Please, someone, give me a horse. *dies*


Here are the two horses our other two friends own – Duchess (and does she act like royalty!) and Remmington. And my sweet friend feeding them is the best part of the photo, right?


This kid cracks me up ALL THE TIME.  He is insanely hilarious, and in VERY smart also. (The kind of kid that when you’re talking to him, you feel so stupid because he is so smart!) I love this photo.


These people L.O.V.E music, so here in this picture, we’ve all gathered together to sing and play instruments. I loved that part of the day. Let us come before our Lord with psalms and praise out KING! (Psalm 95:2)




Our warrior of God is his Armour of God! Isn’t he precious?!



These 4 boys are such good friends, and are precious and so sweet to watch play together – until they start arguing over something or the other…….*face palm*


Levi was so happy to just lay on the comfy rug and kick around! *heart eyes* He’s growing up without permission. Hmph.


I am in love with his laugh and smile! I love him to death! ❤ ❤


I told you they loved music! (At least she was smiling…..he wasn’t even looking!)


Men conversations…..XD


Here we were playing ‘The Spoon Game’ or ‘Over’. To say it is very interesting would be an understatement.


One of my friends got my camera and took a picture of me! *look of horror* Surprisingly, I’m not extremely horrified with this photo, like some photos of me, so I decided to swallow my pride and post it too. XD


Averey and Peyton look so confused…..


Time with friends=memories never forgotten.





A final fall photo…..Goodbye fall – hello winter!


Sooo……as promised – an announcement! We are hosting a contest which=GIVEAWAY!!!! Yippe! *throws confetti* There’s a catch though, we have to hit 100 followers before we do it! So go on – spread the news; tell your friends! You might win – you never know. The DAY we hit 100 followers, I will post details of the contest+giveaway. This will be so much fun, guys! Hattush and I can’t wait!


How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? What was your favorite photo? Have you ever played ‘Over’? What is one thing you are thankful for this year? 

Have a blessed day!


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