Let It Go……

First off, NO THIS IS NOT A POST ON THE WILDLY POPULAR SONG ON FROZEN. I did NOT like that movie. (Besides the sweet sister bond pictured.)


This is going to be a rather short post, but bear with me. I’ve had a difficult past couple of weeks.

Levi IV.jpgEver noticed how some people [blogs/bloggers] avoid ‘difficult’ subjects? ‘They’re just hard to talk about and address’. Right? Depression, anxiety, painful past choices, etc. No one ever talks about those. Why not?

They don’t want to ‘say the wrong thing’ and perhaps lose popularity, and besides, it’s hard to know what to say.

We are instructed to bear each others burdens in the Bible, and to stand strong through trials. Levi&Noah.jpg

Today, I’m going to touch base on one thing, and I hope and pray God will use my hands to encourage and bring glory to Him. (If you all like this kind of post, let me know and I might make this a weekly post.)


Number one:

Everyone has regrets, right? Bad choices they made in the past. Something they said that they wish they hadn’t. Something. I have them. Everyone does. With life comes regrets. Here’s the sad part:


People allow their regrets and past mistakes to influence and affect their future.


Oh, it’s so easy to do this! From experience, I know how easy it is. Look at Rahab in the Bible though – she was a harlot. The worst of the worst. BUT GOD USED HER. She was one of Jesus’ many great grandmother! She moved on and let go of her abominable past that she could very well dwell on and moan about. She instead saw that God had made her a new creation, and that the old had passed away. She let go.

Satan wants us to hold on tightly to our past regrets, because when we are focusing on that, we aren’t focusing on Christ Who DIED so we could be FREE. Free from our past. Free from the grip Satan had on us. Free from the world.

You see, when we focus on our past, our past regrets, we don’t focus on Christ Who died so we could move on and let go of the past. Is it easy to just up and look ahead instead of behind us? Absolutely not. But with THE Ultimate Helper we can. We can focus on the day the Lord has set before us to serve Him, instead of looking behind us. Lot’s wife turned to a pillar of salt when she couldn’t let go, and looked back. Christ doesn’t want us to look behind us, instead, He wants us to look UP. Up to Him.

The past doesn’t define you; it never did. It will only define you if you let it. But, by allowing the past to control you, you are giving the devil exactly what he wants.

He wants you to beat yourself up over every failure.

He wants you to focus on past mistakes.

He wants you to hold on to the past with a death grip.

He wants you to believe you’re worthless.

He wants you to believe you can’t do anything right.

He wants you to give in to peer pressure.

He wants you to turn your back on the freedom from your past that Christ offers freely. 

Now it’s up to you.

Will you give Satan what he wants?

Or will you choose the freedom from every scar and every mistake that Christ offers – bought with His own, sinless blood?

Let it go.


Maybe Morning.jpg





7 thoughts on “Let It Go……”

  1. It’s not always easy to step out like that and talk about the deep subjects. I know and understand. With my devotionals, I sometimes want to back up and not really open up to people. And it is sometimes hard. But when you open up about things, THAT’S when people are really connect and come together. That’s when the unity grows. And that’s what sisterhood is about. Because the truth is is that we ALL struggle with things. We all face temptation and fall short. We all make mistakes, and have regrets, and all wish we could change things. So we don’t need to wear a mask. When we just be us and don’t hide anything . . . people are encouraged. People are changed. Thank you so much for posting this. Thanks for being so honest with all of us. I know I just typed out a whole long thing (sorry) . . . but what I want to say is that as someone who writes like this, it was really nice to see someone else stepping out there and deciding to share their heart, even though it was tough. You put a smile on God’s face. Thank you!

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  2. Oh my gosh, I needed this post. I made a mistake in fifth grade, and have done it in sixth and seventh. I pray that God will help me to gaze at the future with gratitude for what He’s done, instead of making more mistakes. Thank you so so so so much. I might have to repost this. If my mom allows me to….

    Laley K

    On Nov 20, 2019, at 4:46 PM, Daughters of the Light


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