Cake Competition (and other stuff!)

It’s been a while since I just posted a life update. 😉 So what have we been up to here?

We had friends from KC visit over the weekend, which was wonderful! We had a great time! (And Yoveil misses Elias so much!)

We are pretty well settled into our temporary house. 😉 I’m still missing some of my clothes though…. I can’t figure out where they went. I had them when we came here… *GASP* JEHOSHEBA! DID YOU THROW THEM AWAY?! I mean, they WERE kind of old and worn, but I still loved them! Remember a couple years ago when you threw away my favorite sandals? I was so sad! I loved them…even if they were 90% broken… 🤧

We got snow here 2 days ago! My brothers had fun running around in it…for about 7 minutes…then they got cold and decided to come back inside! 😜🥶

Today we started school again.  😭😢😱 okay, so maybe it isn’t THAT bad, but I sure enjoyed moving and not having to do it! 😎🤓


Yesterday we decided to do a lil “cake competition”. (We were inspired after watching hours of people making cakes and other sweet stuff…) Nahum, Baruch, Yoveil and I spent all afternoon making mini cakes (believe me, dividing a recipe by 4 and trying to figure out how to use a 1/4 of an egg isn’t the easiest! 😛😂)! I made a three layer cookie cake. The bottom layer was a Funfetti cake cookie (basically, cookies with a lot of sprinkles!). The middle layer was a brownie cookie and the top layer was pretty just a normal cookie. The layers were stuck together with buttercream. 😍

My poor little cakes…

They would have been much better if I hadn’t over cooked them…😭😭🤦🏻‍♀️ That is my weak point….

Nahum’s are so cute!!!
Baruch’s creation! 🙂
All of ’em together!

Jehosheba helped Yoveil cover her cake in cream cheese frosting. (Jehosheba has this weird notion that she can’t cook, so she just decided to help be a judge.)

Nahum loooves fruit and made a cake with apples and bananas (and  raspberry cream cheese frosting!) Baruch made a cake with lots and lots of chocolate! 👍🏻😁

Everyone did a really good job on their cakes (well, my siblings did….)  They all tastes real good! 🤤 And I’m pleased to announce that the winner of our competition is…..

EVERYONE! *cheers* So we didn’t officially pick ONE winner. 🙂

Nahum won Best Flavor Combination. Baruch won Best Chocolatey Chocolate Cake ( 😉 ). Yoveil won Best Miniature Baker Award. And I won Best Original Creation and Layer Cake. 🙂 It was lots of fun! 🙂




15 thoughts on “Cake Competition (and other stuff!)

  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!! A LOT of FUN! And Jehosheba . . . I’m positive that you CAN cook/bake . . . your bestie is telling you that you can, so it must be true! Right?

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  2. AW, WOOOWWW!!!!! That’s SO much fun!!!!! 😀 Woah, Baruch has a lot of sprinkles, lol!! You’re cake looks A. MAZ. ING. !!!!!!!!!!!! YUM! I wanna eat it! lol! XD
    Great post, girl! love ya! ❤

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