Golden Hour Photoshoot

Hello people! I am back with another post – this time, full of photos! Last evening, I had the privilege to both meet my sweet friend, Aria, who has helped me a ton in my journey of photography and is an amazing photographer herself, along with meet Cecelia who made me laugh so hard with her cheerful demeanor and droll sense of humor. Those two have truly left a mark on my photography journey – each in their own way. Aria, with her helpful tips and down-to-earth explanations, and Cecelia who made me feel much less nervous at my first photoshoot with someone that wasn’t a family member. She was a wonderful model and knew exactly what would look perfect on camera. I know Aria will probably post some of our photoshoot too, and yes, I know her photos will look better than mine.ย I totally don’t blame it on the fact she has a better camera. Canons still RULE. Right? XD

Anyway. Moving on past my raving about all the fun I had last night with those two; here are some photos!

Cece 2.jpg

Cece 3.jpg

Oh goodness. I love her guitar. โค

Cece 6.jpg

I love the depth of this one. Ahhh…..THAT LIGHTING.

Cece 13.jpg

She looks deep in meditation in this one. Wonder what she was thinking about? XD

Cece 9.jpg

Doesn’t her outfit scream ‘FALL’?!!

Cece 15.jpg



Cece 22.jpg

She looks so professional here. Like some sort of businesswoman. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cece 24.jpg

Then I got to work a little bit with……*drum roll*……….





FAIRY LIGHTS. *dies* They are so cute!


Fairy Lights.jpg

Now, for these photos, my camera doesn’t have great low light sensitivity, so several of these are horribly grainy. Bear with me!

Cece 1.jpg

Cece 25.jpg

Cece 27.jpg


Cece 26.jpg

Cece 28

I loved the idea of wrapping the fairy lights, like a crown around her head. It looked lovely. (It would’ve looked even better if my camera wasn’t so horrible in dimly lit scenes. *growls*)

There you have it! My photoshoot! I hope you didn’t get TOO bored. XD



What did you all think? How much work and practice do you think I need before I even think of starting a business? XD Have you ever modeled for a photoshoot? What’s your favorite kind of photography? (Landscape, portrait, wedding, etc)


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