Welcoming The One And Only….

CAILYN FITZGERALD!!!!! You all already know a bit about Cailyn from some of the guest posts she’s done in the past. But today I have a big announcement!!!!

Daughter of the Light has become DaughterS of the Light!!! Cailyn will be joining my blogging team as my coauthor!!!!!! *throws confetti * 🎉  🎊  I am super excited about this!


Cailyn has been my very dear friend and amazingly encouraging sister in Christ. I am so pleased to OFFICIALLY welcome her to Daughter of the Light! I am so excited to see future posts and writings! (And we both love photography, so there may  will be lots of pictures! 😜)

~ Hattush


18 thoughts on “Welcoming The One And Only….

  1. ANNNDD I AM SO EXCITED TO BE HERE!!!! I can’t wait to post more! (and grace the world with my stunning photos XD)
    Thank you again, dear!
    Love you, sister in Christ!

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  2. Eep!!! Why didn’t you tell me!!?? This is great!! I’m so happy for you dearie!!
    I can’t wait to see all your lovely posts!! I know you’ll be a great blogger! Congrats sis!!!

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  3. WHOO HOO! I can’t wait, Cailyn! You’ve been such an encouraging friend to me as well, and I’m so excited to see where God is going to take you and your talents! I know you’re going to be a great blogger, and . . . EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK . . . SO EXCITED! I mean, we get both Hattush and Cailyn?

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