Hello people! I know I’m new here, but I will be a regular from now on. *grin* I did want to quickly hop on here and tell you about a giveaway Cassia Elizabeth  is hosting. This giveaway includes:

  • An ADORABLE mustard yellow backpack
  • A (very cozy looking) blanket scarf that would go just perfectly with an outfit I have *ahem*
  • A cute candle that would spice up your room gloriously
  • And a Starbucks $10 gift card (๐Ÿ˜ฎ *heart eyes*)


I love giveaways, don’t you? I have never won one before, but maybe one day!


Okay, signing off! Have a blessed day!


What’s your favorite season? Why? Have you ever won a giveaway?

16 thoughts on “Giveaway!!

  1. I LOVE fall! The falling leaves remind me of the precious death of Christ, the cool air reminds me that God has everything planned, season by season, moment by moment, and the smells of fresh baked pies and cookies filling the homes of friends and family alike remind me that life has sweet little pleasures even when we feel the cold bite of the Evil One. And Thanksgiving reminds us that our founding fathers were based on a giving and loving principle of faith. I love fall. A poem I wrote a few years ago:

    Many men crossed the sea

    For the right to be free

    Boys, girls, young, old

    We call pilgrims very bold

    They set sail on the Mayflower

    To escape King Jamesโ€™s power

    First to Holland, then a new land

    Oh, to follow their own command!

    Indians came to see their end

    But instead became a friend

    Now we say they were brave

    For their freedom, they would slave

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    1. Same here!! I absolutely LOVE fall! Also, what an amazing reason to love fall!
      Great poem, by the way. I loved the way you expressed and wrote about our Founding Father’s trip to America.

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  2. Thanks for posting this, Hattush! โค I like autumn and winter. I love autumn because it's just so nice out. I love taking walks in the evening, and watching the leaves change. And I love Thanksgiving!!!!!! It reminds me to stop, despite the chaos and craziness, and take the time to really appreciate all I have been blessed with. (smiles) And I love winter because I love snow. I think it's kind of magical. Because each snowflake is different. And it reminds me that I'm unique and special, because there's only one me, and there will only ever be one me. And I'm a child of God, and He loves me so much. And I'm extraordinary. โค ๐Ÿ˜‰ And also, with winter comes Christmas and . . . (dramatically inhales) I LOVE CHRISTMAS! (screams) When it comes, I never want it to end. I love everything about it. Anywho, I'm am rambling. What was the other question? Oh, yeah. I have never won a giveaway. (shrugs) But that's okay! I love seeing who wins!


    1. XD Actually, Lydia, I posted this. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      Oooooo! Same! I love taking walks in the fall, especially with all our maple trees turning. Thanksgiving really is a great time to stop and truly recognize all the blessings surrounding you and your life. So many things we take for granted – things that we can’t imagine living without – that other countries might not have. Like fast internet, fast food, easy to access grocery stores, clean water and much more. God has blessed each and every one of us, and Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to recognize them and to THANK HIM.
      Amen! There is only one you – and one me, and only one of each of us. God has never made anyone like us and never will. We’re each lovely, unique and special in His sight.
      I love seeing who wins also! Although I would love tot win a giveaway one day!


      1. Well . . . (clears throat) hello, Cailyn. (sheepishly smiles) Whoops . . . (winks) Amen to everything you said!!! โค โค โค Oh, and I think we really need to get into a habit of writing/emailing regularly again . . . (sighs) Not sure what happened. (taps chin)


  3. Thanks for sharing this!!!
    My favorite season is Summer cuz I โค the heat!!!!!
    And NOOOO!!!!! Sadly, I have never won a giveaway!!!!!! It's soooo crazy…. I always think I'm gonna win, but I never do! I have the same feelings about this one too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know… I'm really weird!

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