Let Go And Breathe Again


A message to myself that I decided to share with you all….

Stop holding on to your false control. Stop clenching your fist around it. Open your hands. Let God come in. He will fix you. It may hurt but he will repair broken you.

Open your hands. Let go. Breathe. It’s okay. Change will come. But don’t be afraid. God’s got you. You’re safe. You’re loved. You can begin to heal. Breathe. Open your eyes. Stand up. It’s okay to feel. You’re going to be alright. You can be a survivor. Breathe. My friend, just let go of your control. It’ll be alright.





8 thoughts on “Let Go And Breathe Again

    1. Thanks! ❤️ Yup, I drew the hand. 😊 I normally try to avoid art ‘cause I stink at it, but sometimes it’s fun. 🙃
      Thanks. ❤️💓💗💞 Miss you guys!!


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