Look Up (Guest Post By Cailyn!)

God, please use me as I write this blog post today. Help me to reach people, and encourage them. 

My prayer as I sit down and start staring blankly at the computer screen, wondering what on earth I’m going to write about.
Let’s see…..I could….write about nature! Or maybe not….what about music? Nah. How about people? Uh….no, that could be scary. 
I’m not perfect, so bear with me, because this post won’t be perfect either.
Earlier, I was hanging out laundry on our clothesline out back, and I looked up.
I looked up. 
I saw one of the most beautiful sights I ever remember seeing. A sky so blue that there are no words to describe it; small clouds dotting it. I felt so small. (And that’s saying something, as I am 5′.9 1/2″ exactly) I suddenly had to urge to cry, and I remembered ‘The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.’ How many times have I been so caught up with everything I have to do that I totally missed what’s right in front of me? Like a breathtaking, vast sky that God placed me right where he wanted me to show me that He wants me to take joy in what He has blessed me with.
From raindrops on a vividly red bush to a priceless blessing in the form of a tiny baby. How easy it is to stop focusing on our BLESSINGS and instead focus on everything wrong with our life. Believe me, if I wanted to, I could easily focus on multiple things in my life that are ‘horrible’, and, don’t get me wrong, there are times I do just that. I see how terrible and hopeless everything might appear, and Satan uses that to sway me and make me lose hope and joy. You can ask my family, I’m still not the most joyful person there is, but I am trying. Satan knows what my weaknesses are and he uses them against me – too often I let him. I let him steal my joy – the joy that I should find that I have a miracle new baby brother, that I have incredible parents, that I have the BEST church family ever, that I am alive.
Not just physically –
But spiritually, because a perfect Sacrifice took my place, and I accepted that free gift of salvation.
I still sin. I still fail. I still have pretty rough days. I still let Satan’s lies into my brain.
But, guess what?
Not because something I did was good enough, or even because I’m a ‘perfect person’ (as if!), but because I’ll never be good enough. The only Person Who could truly pay the price and redeem me, WAS perfect. I’ll never be good enough to get into Heaven. I’ll never be good enough to win a place in God’s favor. I’ll never be good enough to pay the price for my sins that is needed. BUT – that price was already paid. By a Perfect Son Who was flawless, for the sacrifice had to be worthy, and none of us would EVER be that ‘good’. Yes, I believe anyone who believes on Him is saved. It’s all throughout His Word!
So, if you learn ANYTHING from this today, take away this –
Look for the blessings and beauty in this life He has surrounded you with. 
And please, don’t keep it in. Rejoice! Smile because you ARE LOVED. Dance with joy! Laugh because HE IS ALIVE, and HE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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