Home Again

*Wipes away tears and tries to forget that I’m back home and that the two-week trip is already over*

Well hello my readers. Yes, I am back home. Very unfortunately. I wanted to stay away longer… *Ahem*

Okay, so as you know, two weeks ago on a little Tuesday, our family packed our van and left our house. We drove all day and stopped in Indiana that night. (The drive, I have to say, was filled with audios, arguing and other interesting stuff like that. XD) That evening Jehosheba and I got the chance to meet (each) one of our pen pals! Rebekah and Lydia, it was great to see you! We had a fun time at McDonald’s, chatting and LAUGHING and watching our little brothers have fun together!!! ❀ I wish I would have brought my camera in!

We started out the next day with doughnuts (<3) and an audio of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. (Anybody else like Narnia?)

TN trip Sept. 2019 032
TN trip Sept. 2019 033
TN trip Sept. 2019 035
Darling Baby Brother!

TN trip Sept. 2019 055

TN trip Sept. 2019 052
The view out of my window……

We drove all day. (By the end of the trip, the car had almost become a second home to me! XD) But that night we arrived at our destination. The city where we hope to live for the next few years! Looking around in the sunset, I wondered….is there any way that anywhere will ever really be home?

We looked at houses to buy and drove around a lot…..and ate a lot of good food. XD The next night we got to spend the night in a cool loft in downtown!! It was so fun!

TN trip Sept. 2019 082

TN trip Sept. 2019 075
Dovid was very happy to finally get out of his car seat and crawl around!
TN trip Sept. 2019 066
There was ice cream in the freezer!!!!!
TN trip Sept. 2019 058
Jehosheba emailing her friends
TN trip Sept. 2019 061

TN trip Sept. 2019 064

The next few days were….uh…..*pause and searches for words* they were filled with looking at houses and driving around. But we visited a lot of nice restaurants and some neat coffee shops. (And I got some great kombucha and cookies!)

On Sunday, our family had the privilege of meeting my very dear pen pal and friend Cailyn. (See the guest post she did here!) Jehosheba also got to meet Averey! IT WAS A WONDERFUL AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! We met up with the Fitzgerald’s friends as well and the whole afternoon was so special. I can’t say how very much I enjoyed meeting Cailyn and Averey and YEAH!! It was great. I wish I had brought my camera, though. AURGH! That night we drove a few hours and got to the airbnb where we’d spend the next week. It was a really nice place! It was a whole house, which was GREAT to stretch around!

TN trip Sept. 2019 093
TN trip Sept. 2019 097
The two necessities (journal and kindle) that I literally just carried around the whole trip!
TN trip Sept. 2019 098
The view from my airbnb bedroom. πŸ™‚

For the next six days we pretty much just drove around and looked at tons of houses. I spent a lot of time reading book after book after book. I read one or two every day! XD

On Sunday we packed up and said goodbye to the airbnb. We headed back towards home. (I was not-so-secretly bewailing the fact that we had to go home.) We drove through KC and I was melting in a puddle of memories. (Don’t get me started!) We stayed in a hotel in KC that night. I crawled into bed and attempted to sleep.

Monday morning we got to see Willow, Silas and Mrs. Cooper. ❀ That was a special surprise. We also got to meet another KC friend and her two little boys. ❀ We left the hotel and drove to the Omaha zoo where we met my dear pen pal Phoebe (and Jehosheba met her pen pal Tabitha)!!! Also, at the zoo, we got to meet up with my Nana, Papa, my uncle Grant and baby Cannon!!! We had a wonderful afternoon walking around the zoo together!!! ❀

TN trip Sept. 2019 099
Jehosheba in the parking lot. πŸ™‚
TN trip Sept. 2019 101
This pretty plant was just begging for a picture!

TN trip Sept. 2019 104

TN trip Sept. 2019 112
Mama + Papa taking pictures of Cannon and Dovid ❀
TN trip Sept. 2019 114
Papa πŸ™‚
TN trip Sept. 2019 115

TN trip Sept. 2019 116

TN trip Sept. 2019 121
I like snakes. Anybody else?
TN trip Sept. 2019 131
The gorilla area
TN trip Sept. 2019 134

TN trip Sept. 2019 141TN trip Sept. 2019 143

TN trip Sept. 2019 144
I totally love these things!!
TN trip Sept. 2019 157
Nahum and Dovid
TN trip Sept. 2019 160
My pen pal Phoebe ❀

TN trip Sept. 2019 164TN trip Sept. 2019 167

TN trip Sept. 2019 169
Tabitha and Jehosheba πŸ™‚

We said goodbye to Tabitha and Phoebe in the parking lot. Phoebe gave me the sweetest gifts! (THANK YOU AGAIN!!) We then drove a couple hours and got a pizza buffet with my grandparents. ❀

Tuesday was the day I dreaded so much. Time to go home. *insert wailing person* We visited my great-grandma in the morning and had a nice time talking with her. ❀ Then we drove a few hours, listened to a long audio and J and I went to orthodontic appointments. Before we HAD TO GO BACK, we met up with Grandpa and Grandma, at their friends’ house. We had a nice evening sharing supper and talking. πŸ™‚ ❀

The last hour home was the saddest. But we made it and now we’re home. It is hard to believe that two weeks could go by so fast! I MISS IT ALREADY!! *SOBS*

Well, cookies are calling, lol!


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