Battle of the Weed (Guest Post!)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any guests on my blog! Today I invited my grandpa to write something for everyone to enjoy! He did an interview with me here before, as some of you remember! 🙂

Please welcome my great Grandpa!!!

That fire pit that you’d like to use more but somehow grew up to weeds….
Radar makes it look like you’ll soon be getting more rain. Two options come to mind:

Rush out and pull the weeds now so you don’t get drenched doing it later

Wait until the rains have softened the soil and the weeds will almost jump outta da ground with very little help from you.

Of course you could see of your Li’l Bro’s would like to have a muddy Weed Fight!  Yeah, it could be like playing Zorro with dirty-bottomed weeds. They could don (Quixote) their oldest clothes and have a blast turning them into tender weapons. I could see a lambs quarter weed as a mace. Maybe a few extra large grasses would make a good shield?  After they’ve exhausted themselves flailing at each other, covered with mud, one of you pristine Elder Sisters could, seeing the fire pit cleaned of weeds, declare, “Why don’t you jump in the lake!?” Or, at the very least, “Swim Time!”

Then the scavenger hunt in the woods for gnats and mosquito and ticks and wolverines. Uhhhh. Cross that out. Hunt in the woods for firewood.

Later – picture a harmonious scene of the family gathered around the campfire roasting things on sticks and singing songs of legend, recently made up extolling the feats of prowess witnessed during the Great Fire Pit Cleansing. Sounds better than Battle of the Weed doesn’t it? 

Ok, that may be my contribution to Hattush’s blog (in case the brevity of yesterday’s musings prohibits it from being acceptable, not to mention the content or writing style) otherwise, chalk me up to writer’s block. I could handle that. Seems I’ve heard it before. Might be hereditary?

Don’t worry, G’ma doesn’t find me amusing either. Gotta go fix her some breakfast. Is it an act of loving devotion or a mechanism for reducing the work of cleaning up after the Messerschmidt later? #ifmesserschmidtscleanedupafterthemselvestheywouldntbemesserschmidts

Thanks so much, Grandpa!!

(In case any of you are wondering what our fire pit actually looks like….here’s a picture!)


Ugh…..It needs weeding….badly!

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