My Life This Morn’

Warning: Hattush’s brain is running on very little sleep and no food right now so this post may be random.

So hello my dear readers. Right now I am babysitting all of my siblings besides Dovid. I was searching for something to post this morning, but I couldn’t really find anything so….

Right now we’re listening to Adventures in Odyssey. Anybody else listen to that? I LOVE it! 🙂 I’ve been listening to it ever since I was like 7 or 8. 🙂 There are so many fond memories connected with AIO. I remember driving to my grandparents house for Christmas, listening to the AIO tapes and laughing. Or sitting in our living room when we lived on our farm, waiting eagerly for the new episode. Oooor eating supper and listening to it come on the radio at six. *sigh* I’m in a retrospective mood right now….

The past few weeks have been crazy up and down with my writing. For a while I was ACTUALLY inspired to write! AND I WROTE! And then I crashed and couldn’t come up with a single word. Then I got back up and wrote a bunch….and now I’ve crashed again. Who knows ways to overcome writers block? (Answer in the comments pleeeaaase!!)

I’ve also been up and down with my photography. Sometimes I get inspired and sometimes I am sooo not.

This plant was so pretty!<3



*searches my lagging brain for other topics* last Tuesday Jehosheba and I got palatal expanders put in our mouths. They feel sooo weird! But I’m getting used to eating/drinking with them in! XD 🙂

Okay, welp, I’m gonna put this poor post out of its misery. *shakes head*


~ Hattush

5 thoughts on “My Life This Morn’

  1. We love Adventures in Odyssey! Have you listened to the Jonathan Park series? Or the new Adventum CDs? They are so good! You may like them if you like AIO. ❤️

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  2. Hey Hattush, as far as overcoming writers block, I’ve found that if I just write EVERY SINGLE day… even when I don’t want to, it really helps. I set a goal of at least 1000 words per day (Of course, goals will differ for everyone.) Also, listening to music really helps me when I write. I’m finding more and more that writing is a discipline XD

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