Music Recommendations!

It’s a widely known fact that I love music. It is beautiful. Over the last few months I have listened to so much different music! So I thought I’d give you all some recommendations for some great songs! 🙂  I LOVE sad music. Sad movies are terrible, personally. I mean, I like SOME sad movies (like Do You Believe) but mostly, I try to avoid them. (Please, never watch the movie Until Forever or The Impossible. Those are waaaaaaay too sad.) But music? The sadder the better. 🙂

Anyway, on to the recommendations! (Please excuse my poor writing. I’m kind of tired right now. If I sat here long enough I could probably just fall to sleep on the keys…)

I want to put all of my favorites in here, but since that is over 150 songs, I just have to go with my top few…. *Glances at long list of songs* Okay, so maybe this isn’t a few…. I just couldn’t leave out all of these great songs!!!


My favorite singer is Josh Garrels. I LOVE his music! It is so sad!!!!!

A Long Way by Josh Garrels (THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER!!!!)


Slip Away by Josh Garrels (THIS IS MY THIRD FAVORITE SONG EVER!!!)

White Owl by Josh Garrels (You can guess where this song ranks on my favorite list!)

The whole album Love War & the Sea In Between (and pretty much all of his other songs, too! XD)

Another singer I really like is Plumb. Some of her songs are really sad.

Beautifully Broken by Plumb

Drifting by Plumb (REALLY SAD!)

Cut by Plumb

Find You Here by Ellie Holcomb

You Say by Lauren Daigle (I absolutely love this song and I have listened to it SO MUCH.)

Come Alive by Lauren Daigle

Thy Will by Hillary Scott ( ❤ ❤ ❤ )

Scars by TobyMac (I don’t listen to too much of his music. It is pretty, what’s the word, bouncy. Jehosheba likes it, though, so I hear it when she has control over the music player. 😉 )

Starts With Me by TobyMac (This one is actually pretty sad.)

The whole album This Is Not A Test by TobyMac

God Only Knows by For King and Country (WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR THIS ONE!!! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO  SAD! Actually, don’t watch the video. I’ve never heard the song the same since….)

Burn The Ships by For King and Country

Without You by For King and Country (I listened to this one so much Jehosheba tried to delete it from my playlist. *Growls*)

Fear is a Liar by Zach Williams

All the songs by Jamie Soles. I have listened to his music ever since I was really little and I love it!

Several songs by Hillsong Worship

Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns (I. Love. This. Song.)

Just Be Held by Casting Crowns

Does Anybody Hear Her by Casting Crowns (CRY OVER THIS SONG! READ THE WORDS!)

Slow Fade by Casting Crowns

Point to You by We Are Messengers

Dancing in the Dark by We Are Messengers

If You Fall by JJ Heller (I listen to this one a lot….)

No Man is an Island by Tenth Avenue North (I like a lot of music by Tenth Avenue North! My list here should include way more of their songs!)

Worn by Tenth Avenue North

You Are More by Tenth Avenue North (I remember listening to this song a few years ago. It was all dark outside and we were driving home from somewhere. I remember trying to believe that it was true [and not really believing it for a few years….Come to think of it, I might still be trying to believe it….] Listen to this song. It is GREAT!)

Beautiful by MercyMe

Even If by MercyMe

Scars by I Am They (LOVE THIS SONG!!!)

You Can by Building 429

I Will Not Say Goodbye by Danny Gokey (This is SO SAD! Oh my! If I was a very emotional person, I’d probably cry over it. But I’m not. So I don’t. I listened to this song a lot on our vacation and Jehosheba got thoroughly tired of it!)

Sound of Surviving by Nicole Nordeman (This is a great, sad song! I love it!)

I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin

My Own Little World by Matthew West

The End by Matthew West (This song is SO FUNNY! I like it because it makes me laugh every time I listen to it. I like Matthew West’s whole album “Happy”. I listen to it when I exercise because it is so bouncy and fun! Listening to my sad music usually leave me in a little puddle on my bedroom floor. That is not what I need when I’m trying to meet my self-set exercise goals!)

Broken Girl by Matthew West

Moved by Mercy by Matthew West

The Reason for the World by Matthew West

You Know Me Better by Stars Go Dim

Stay by This Hope (I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I listened to it a LOT the last couple days.)

Vacation April 2019 224

Well, I could go on, but I won’t. 😉 If you’re reading this sentence, CONGRATULATIONS! You survived the most boring blog post I’ve ever done. (Okay, maybe not the MOST boring…. I should do a survey to see what was the most boring blog post I’ve done….hmmm….)

Those of you who have spring, ENJOY! Those of you who have wet, cold, rainy weather, I sympathize with you! 😉

~ Hattush

10 thoughts on “Music Recommendations!

  1. Yeah, that’s, like, the opposite for me. I love tragic movies (mostly… besides Les Mis), but sad songs are not my thing. I much prefer LOUD, HAPPY, BOUNCY, CRAZY songs! (Maybe that’s why I listen to TobyMac…) And, hello, UNTIL FOREVER IS A GREAT MOVIE!!! Ha, ha! I’m kinda tired, too. Did you know: some people when they talk about BORING things, actually fall asleep WHILE THEY’RE TALKING!!?!! Yeah… can’t say that I love Josh Garrells. *sighs* His music is just depressing. I suppose that I like Plumb… I liked the song “Acrobat”. Oh, I like that song by Ellie Holcomb!! Yeah, Lauren Daigle isn’t my favorite singer… And I LOVE that song by Hillary Scott!! *heart eyes* And Casting Crowns… you could go to their concert later this year!! Oh, yeah, I like We Are Messengers and JJ Heller!! *screams* And I love Tenth Avenue North’s songs!!! Aww, Hattush… YOU are MORE than the choices that you make!! YOU are MORE than the sum of your past mistakes!!! OH, yeah, I like MercyMe, too!! I’m not an emotional person either, but if I was, I would NOT cry over that song by Danny Gokey! It’s so annoying! *screams* YES!! Everyone, listen to MATTHEW WEST! He’s my favorite singer EVVVVEEEERRRRRR!!! Listen to ALL of his songs!! ALL OF THEM!! I didn’t know you liked Stars Go Dim!! I do, too!!! And yes, I love TobyMac, too!!! Can’t say I like For King And Country a ton… uh oh… *long comment siren* BYE!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup! We are opposite in so many ways! *screams* how can you not like I Will Not Say Goodbye?! It is a great song!!! And you are crazy not to like music by Josh Garrels!! 😦🥰
      (By the way you may have just won an award for the longest comment I’ve ever gotten! 🤣👍🏻👍🏻 Keep it comin’) 😍


  2. Wow, what a loooooonnnngg song list! 😁 I love all of jj heller’s songs! And Casting Crowns has some awesome ones too! My fave of theirs is “Praise You in this Storm”!! 😍😍

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