Hello readers! It is a gloomy, cold, glum day here. So far today I mainly did my school work and then curled up under a blanket and read for a while. I’m veeeeeeery tired and I wanna go to sleep for, like, maybe a month at the least? I’ll wake up again when it’s summer time here. Anyway, I’m done talking about the weather and my day. I’ll move on to the point of this post. *Ahem* My brilliant idea to have my toys tell the story of our vacation kind of went flat. So I decided to just do it myself in my own words. Here goes. *Clears throat*

Day four
Late the night before we arrived at the place where we would spend most of the next 2 weeks – an airbnb. It was in the basement of a house but it was very nice and cozy. It had 2 bedrooms, which was real nice. Jehosheba, Yoveil and I got one room and our parents got the other. The boys just slept on the couch. It had a kitchen (without stove/oven, though, which was sad because I couldn’t do any baking. 😦 )
That morning we went to some thrift stores and Trader Joes. Then my parents headed off to their counseling thingy and Jehosheba and I stayed with the little kids (all except Dovid, who went with his beloved mommy) in the airbnb. I was in charge of babysitting for the day. We watched a couple movies and ate trail mix mainly. XD The house had a pool table, which the boys and Jehosheba took full advantage of. (I, ahem, do not have any skills at pool and I make a big fool out of myself when I try to play it, soooo….)
Later, after our parents got back, we all went to Costco and got pizza and then went back to the airbnb and watched Jehosheba’s favorite show “Call the Midwife”. It was very sad.*Sobs* Does anyone else watch “Call the midwife”????
Day five through nine
Our parents went to counseling and Jehosheba and I took turns babysitting our siblings. :/ At first, the boys and Yoveil behaved pretty well. But as the days went by, Baruch especially came to understand that if he was really crazy and really annoying then I would lose total control over him. *Sigh* He and Nahum would wrestle like crazy, jump all over everything, hit/punch/pull hair/get mad at/spit on people (mainly me because I was trying to control them….Jehosheba somehow managed to avoid smacked, etc. *ponder silently* the boys also seem to listen to her better all the time…wonder why….) During that time we watched way too many videos about dogs. (One is way too many, in my opinion, but we watched like ten…at least…. :/ ) Jehosheba called a couple of her pen pals, which was fun for her, I’m sure. 🙂 I wrote lots of emails while the, uh, interesting dog movies were playing.
It actually snowed while we were there. But the snow melted pretty quickly and it warmed up (thankfully) so we were able to spend time outside again.
After Mama and Daddy would get back, we would either just hang around the house or we’d go visit fun places close by. We went on walks, we went to the Denver Union Station (where Jehosheba got very paranoid about something she would be mad at me if I said[I will say, however, that we got GREAT pastries there!!!]) and we went to a GREAT little ice cream shop that was really close to our airbnb. (We actually went there three or four times total because it was so good! XD)
On the 9th day, I was in charge of babysitting. NOT GOOD. The boys ran extremely crazy and I got punched in the nose very hard by a very, very, very angry little brother. Who knew those little fists could have such force??? I wrote in my journal:
“The last 1 ½ hours have been TERRIBLE. Actually, this whole afternoon has been terrible. Let’s see….it started with lunch. I ran the microwave and the skillet at the same time….now none of the kitchen electronics work. Yippee. Jehosheba was on the phone and I had to watch the grumpy kids. I put on a 2 hour long video for them. After that was over, Jehosheba, Nahum, Baruch and Yoveil went CRAZY. NONE of them would listen to me. They ran crazy, made tons of noise, were mean and rude. Jehosheba calmed down when she heard that Daddy and Mommy were on their way home. But the boys just got more wild. More and more. No listening. Telling mean jokes, etc. etc. I give up. All I want to do is sit in a very dark room, all alone and listen to my very sad music. For a very long time.” And then my journal went on to bewail a bunch of stuff but I won’t put that here.

Day 10
Day ten was Saturday, which meant NO BABYSITTING for me or Jehosheba!!! All of us got in the van and drove about an hour and a half to Manatou Cliff Dwellings. They were really cool. (I took some pictures. Click HERE to see them.) After that we went to the Focus on the Family…building, I guess. The proper word escapes my mind at the moment. It was okay. Part of it had a TON of very loud kids and a big slide. (Baruch had fun on that. Nahum got motion sick, though. Yoveil was so sad that she wasn’t tall enough yet to ride it!) Then we stopped at a little coffee shop and got a some coffee and a couple pastries to split. 🙂 ❤ We got back to the airbnb around 9 and went to sleep.
Day 11
We decided to spend the day outside in nature. It was supposed to be warmer – 60 some degrees. The snow was gone, too, so I could wear my beloved sandals again. ❤ We left the airbnb around 10 and got a big case of doughnuts for the road. (Why does not-healthy food taste so good?!) We went to the Garden of the Gods and took a little hike there. It was SOOOOO beautiful! AHHH! I took a bunch of pictures but SADLY most of them didn’t turn out. You can see a few of them HERE. The weather was amazing and it was so nice to be out in the beautiful world! After we left there we stopped at McDonalds for some lunch (doughnuts for breakfast, McDonalds hamburgers for lunch….what could be worse for your body???? ….But hey, I mean we don’t normally eat like that and it was really tasty…) and then continued on to our next destination – the Paint Mines Interpretive Park. They were, basically, large beautiful rocks that had red, purple, yellow and white colors. They were extremely fragile but SO beautiful!!! I took a TON of pictures there, too. You can see them HERE. Our time there ended when Yoveil fell into a cactus and got little thorns in her hand. 😦 Poor baby! We drove back to the airbnb and did nothing much. I wrote in my journal and got annoyed with my brothers but that’s about it.

Day 12 through 16
More babysitting. More videos about hero dogs. More misbehaving by my brothers. More eating trail mix and cereal. More headaches. (I got a lot of headaches.) And lots of drinking my beloved kombucha. 😉
On day 12, Baruch begged and begged and begged to be “in charge” for the day. Jehosheba finally agreed that he could be in charge for one and a half hours. I wrote in my journal:
I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THAT HAPPENS BECAUSE A 7 YEAR OLD IS IN CHARGE OF A WHOLE HOUR OF PEOPLE. Uh…. I have no more news or anything else to say really expect, may today be fun and not too miserable.
Baruch’s reign didn’t turn out to be too terrible. He pretty much just commanded me to make lunch and then proceeded to watch a dog video. Later that day, when the parents returned, we went to a neat place called Dinosaur Ridge. (Pictures HERE) It was REALLY hot when we started out but it cooled off pretty quickly. (I was carrying Dovid in a carrier and he and I were both dripping with sweat at the beginning! XD)
We went to a couple neat places in the times after my parents got back from counseling. We got lots of good food and saw lots of scenery and mountains. (AHH, my beloved mountains! I’ve missed you!!) We walked around the city some, too, which Jehosheba liked. 🙂 She is defiantly a city girl!
On the night of day 14, we packed up our stuff and left the airbnb for a hotel. (Where we’d spend the next couple days).
Day 15 and 16 we had babysitters come to the hotel and watch us. It was nice to be able to sit back and not be in charge of my crazy siblings. 😉 I missed having the room that the airbnb gave us. The hotel room was big, though, and it had a nice mini kitchen.
Day 17
My parents counseling was over. And it was *sniff, sob* getting close to the time when we would have to return home.
That morning we got our stuff and left the hotel. We stopped by the little ice cream shop one last time. Then we went to visit the Red Rocks. I only took a couple pictures because my camera battery was running really low and I had forgotten to bring my charger. It was REALLY hot and I was sweating like crazy. *Fans face*

Vacation April 2019 368Vacation April 2019 383

And here is a picture of me, taken by my mother. 😉 I can’t say that I ever look stunning but I thought you’d like to see me at least once soo…..

4-23 450

(I, of course, had a lot of sense to wear a BLACK shirt on a very hot day. :/ )

After saying goodbye to the Red Rocks, we got in our van and wished Colorado a good…uh….existence. We drove for seven hours until we reached a camp in South Dakota where we would spend the night. We drove right past Mount Rushmore. We didn’t get a close up look at it, but we could see it from a distance, which was cool. Mommy took a picture.


I would have taken one, too, but by that time I was way too tired to do anything. Lifting my camera to the car window was way too much effort for the moment. (Please don’t think I’m lazy! *Puppy dog eyes*)

Day 18
We left the camp early that morning. I was very sad because we had to go back home. 😦 On the way, however, we got to drive through the badlands. They were BEAUTIFUL! (Pictures here!!!) Other than that, we pretty much spent the whole day driving. We got pizza on the way, which was fun. We listened to audio books and talked. I read for a while and bewailed the fact that we were getting closer to home. When we did get back, though, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. (Thank God!) I had been envisioning coming back to a FROZEN world (like it was in the middle of winter) but it was mostly thawed. The snow was gone and the lake was actually unfrozen!
It was a great vacation and I had fun. 🙂 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go make dessert!!!! 🙂 😉

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