Our Travels Continued

Day Three:

Written by Prasel

The next morning the family had breakfast with their friends and said goodbye in the late morning. They were headed to Colorado that day and it was going to be a Very. Long. Drive. Okay, so maybe it was only eight hours, but to the younger kids (and maybe the older ones, too…you’ll never know *evil laugh*) it felt like a loooooong time.

Around 2 o’clock the family finally ate lunch. No one was really hungry but eating is something fun to do when car rides get very boring. About an hour later, the van started to have trouble. Nahum started wailing about how he knew something like that was going to happen and how they wouldn’t make it to the airbnb. (Where the family was going to spend the next couple weeks.) Over the next hour or so, the van continued to get worse and worse. Don’t ask me what was wrong with it, I know nothing about vans. (Hey, I’m a toy after all!) The worst part for Hattush was that they had to shut of the A/C and Hattush was sitting directly in the VERY HOT sun. Did I mention that the family had run out of water, too, by that time? My Chewie friends and I were all squished together in a very hot, very small PLASTIC baggie! If we had the ability to sweat, we would have done that profusely.

Around 4:30, the van almost stopped running. But thankfully, God let the family get to a little town that had what Mr. R. needed to fix the van. While he was working on that, the rest of the family sat in the van. Boredom quickly overtook them. Hattush got out the big bag of trail mix and the feast started. There was some funny banter, which I wrote down for you all to enjoy.

Hattush: does anyone else want more trail mix to sooth your nerves?

Baruch: oh yeah! I want more trail mix to smooth my nerves!

Jehosheba: this is awful.

Nahum: hey look, there’s a bug on your head.

Jehosheba, grumpily: I’ll take it off and put it on YOU. Maybe it bites.

Nahum, quoting what Jehosheba always says: when things reach the worst possible place, they can only get better.

Jehosheba: grrrr. This bug is going on your head!

Hattush: did you know that if you chew gum and chocolate at the same time, the gum goes away?


Jehosheba: we could be here for HOURS. HOURS! I’m bored and hot and thirsty!

Hattush: at least we aren’t stranded on the side of the road right now! We’re in a cute little town.

Jehosheba, glancing around in disgust: this isn’t much of a town. It’s gotta be at least 200 years old.

Hattush: well, it probably is.

Jehosheba: this is like our town at home. Grrrr.

Hattush: I happen to like that town, too.

Jehosheba: it’s boring, boring and uncivilized.

Hattush: oooookkkkkaaaaayyyyy….

After a while, Mrs. R. and the kids walked to a couple of stores, got some water, chocolate, gum and some “noise putty”. The noise putty is a very annoying thing that makes weird noises. Baruch had tons of fun with that, though.

Finally, the van was fixed and the family all got back in and headed towards their destination – Colorado. The details of the drive are not important. (It was mainly a lot of bored kids who ate way too much because it was the funnest thing to do at the moment.)

Around 9, the family arrived at their airbnb. It was in a nice town called Littleton. From the airbnb (which was the basement of a house) the family could see the city lights. Jehosheba, who is a city girl, was very pleased to see that.

I and my siblings were just happy to get out of the plastic baggie. Being stuck in there for so long was very unpleasant. If we had the ability to breathe, we would have suffocated a long time ago. Anyway, day #3 had come to a close.



Hey guys, I hope you’re enjoying hearing about our trip! It was supposed to be a lot funnier, but I’m not in a very humorous mood right now. :/ So, sorry.

Anyway, HAPPY PASSOVER! ….Well, late Passover. The official Passover date was a bit ago (while we were on vacation, actually) but since we were away from home, we didn’t get a chance to celebrate it. So we’re doing that today. 🙂 (And, I’m listening to Christmas music at the moment. XD) Ahhh, I have so any fond memories of Passovers’ past. Hopefully this one will be as good. We’re having duck for supper! Jehosheba’s favorite animal is duck, though, so I’m not sure how she’s going to like that…

Anyway, gotta go do stuff. I have a TOOOON of writing that needs to get done in a relatively short amount of time. :/

Happy late Passover, happy late Easter, happy late anything else that I forgot.

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