Our Travels

I am exhausted. I have a cold. I want to curl up under a blanket and sleep for a really long time. *Pause* We just got back from a two week vacation. And I’ve crawled to my computer to type this out for you. 🙂

So normally I’d just tell you about what we did, etc. But this time I thought it might be fun to let you see our trip from a set of different eyes….the eyes of my eyeless childhood toys. My Chewies. Yeah, I know it’s a weird name, but when you’re young, your brain doesn’t come up with the most creative names for simple toys….at least mine didn’t. (I think we named the toys Chewies because Jehosheba and my little siblings liked to chew on them. XD)

The events of the past two weeks will be told in increments (starting tomorrow) by six of my little Chewies. Today, though, is a quick introduction to the six chewies. XD


Hello to all you gigantically tall humans who are reading this weird blog. My name is Prasel Frederick. I had some photos taken of me so that you could all see how amazingly handsome I am. (As you may notice below, the photos aren’t so great…they didn’t capture my stunning handsomeness! AND WHY DID HATTUSH THINK IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO PUT ME IN A CACTUS?! MAYBE SHE THOUGHT IT LOOKED NEATER OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. BUT IT HURT!!!! GRRRR!)


As you can see, I am a young man of great age and stature. (Sixteen years and 3 ½ inches.) I would love to go on talking about my great self, but I see my sister Maryanne shaking her head at me, so I’d better get on with this. Ahem.

A few weeks ago my village of Frederick was given a glorious opportunity to travel the world! Okay, maybe it was just going to a couple different states, but for us, who have never traveled much beyond the confines of Hattush & Jehosheba’s Room, it was an opportunity of great value to us.

Our first act of business was to figure out who would be the privileged ones to go on this great adventure. Obviously, the whole village couldn’t go. So we chose six people out of the eighteen that inhabited our tiny village.

The photo you see above is of the select few that were chosen to have this brilliant adventure. The people standing around me are my siblings. Pretty much everyone in my village is related somehow, so no matter who you go with, it’s probably a relative. Anyway, let me introduce you to this part of my family.

First of all, let me start out by talking about myself. I am the most handsome, the most – what? Maryanne again? *Sigh* She’s telling me to stop talking about myself or she’ll take over the writing. I wouldn’t want that to happen, so with great reluctance, I will stop talking about wonderful me and go on to talking about my siblings. Ahem.14

This is my older brother, Peskedy. He is seventeen. He used to be a real trouble maker but he’s changed now. He’s become a – to use the words of Maryanne – “very kind, protective person who I can count on to be there if I need him.” I just call him an annoying older brother who tries to be perfect just to make me look bad. (Maryanne, who is reading this as I write it, says that Peskedy used to be just like me – trying to be Mr. Ultra Tough – but that he really is trying NOW to be a responsible young man. What is that supposed to mean?! I like my natural toughness!)


Next we have Maryanne. That’s her picture up there. She is actually a year younger than me, but she acts waaaay older. She’s pretty nice. I quote all the young children, “Maryanne is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. She’s kind and she makes really yummy food. She never laughs at me when I’m sad like Prasel does. She reminds me of my mommy. We love Maryanne.”

I guess I do have to give my little sis credit for staying calm in tough situations. (Like that one time when my best friend John and I got put in jail for an accident…let’s try to forget that, okay?) She’s not scared of blood or cool stuff like that, which I sort of admire. She knows a lot about caring for us when we’re sick. (We live in a sort of remote area, so we don’t have access to big hospitals or much modern medicine.)


This is David. He is thirteen. He’s what I’d call a coward, a scaredy-cat, a non-risk taker, a – Uh oh, Maryanne is looking at me with her displeased look…She’s the one who makes our food, so if I displease her, I might not get my supper.

*Maryanne pushes Prasel out of his seat and starts writing*

Hello all. My name is Maryanne and I’m going to write the descriptions of the rest of us who are going on this great trip!

Ahem. David. David is a kind, gentle boy. He’s not the “Mr. Tough, Unwise Man” that Prasel is. David thinks before he acts and doesn’t get into much trouble. He’s very quiet and helps me a lot in ways that aren’t always noticeable to most people. His best friend, Jacob Bucklin, is kind of the same way. I’ve learned to rely on those boys when I need a job done right.


This is my younger sister Ruthie. She is the same age as David. She came alone to our village several years ago, and she became a great friend. Eventually, we unofficially just adopted her into family. She and David have many similarities. They are both gentle, quiet, kind and stay out of trouble. Ruthie loves children and is the official school teacher of Johnny, our younger brother.


And last but not least, Johnny. He is nine years old. He’s like most boys his age – energetic, bouncy, loud and playful. He and his friend Sarah Bucklin have been together constantly for all of their childhood. Johnny has a very treasured doll, which he takes everywhere. One time, that doll got lost for two days. He didn’t sleep or eat until he found it.

*Maryanne shakes head*

Well, back to you, Prasel.

*Prasel sits down again happily*

Phew! I thought for sure she wasn’t going to let me write anymore! This story needs to be told from a man’s perspective.

What? Oh no! Peskedy says that we’re all going to take turns telling this story! Oh what a tragedy! Oh well. I guess all of you reading will be bored to death while reading everyone else’s stuff. You’ll live to read my writing!

Peskedy: You are WAAAY too full of yourself, Bro.

Prasel: I’m just telling the truth!

Peskedy: Seriously, how am I related to you?!

Prasel: We have the same parents.

Peskedy: *Sigh*

Prasel: Well, I have writing to do!

Peskedy: Give it up for tonight, Pras. They’re just getting bored.

Prasel: Fine. But they’ll be hearing a lot more of me!

Peskedy: I’m sure they will be. *Sigh*

Prasel: What is that supposed to mean?!

Peskedy, walking away: I’ll let you figure that out, little man.


Two boys are soon engaged in a wrestling match…. (All of you with two+ brothers, you know what I mean.)

Maryanne and Johnny step into the room.

Maryanne, looking at Prasel and Peskedy: BOYS. What are you doing? We need to get packed for the trip! We leave TOMORROW!!!

Johnny: YAY! This is going to be so great!!!! Adventure, here we come!!

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  1. Haha!! I’m glad you posted this, sis!!!! 🤣 Prasel is so awful.
    Oh and John is forever mad at him for telling about how they got stuck in jail…I tried calling him down but it didn’t work…

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