14 Days Without Internet + Other Random Stuff


*Deep breath* Here I am at last. It’s been a while since I posted, eh? IT’S BEEN ALMOST HALF A MONTH!!! In case any of you were wondering, no I didn’t die or get sick or get kidnapped or anything like that. And no, I didn’t totally forget about my blog either. Our internet has been completely down for the last 14 days, so I haven’t been able to post anything. (Tragic, right? XD) It finally got fixed today! I’m very glad, and actually kind of sad that it is back. I discovered that living without the internet for a while wasn’t actually so bad. (And since part of my school uses the internet, I got to skip that!!! …although it was the part that I enjoyed…) My sister missed emailing her friends, but other than that we all survived. 🙂 It was nice to sit back and just survive without the usage of internet.

Fun fact about me – a few years ago my family decided that we would live completely without internet for a while. So we said goodbye to it and lived that way for a long time. Whenever we needed to check email or download anything, we would drive to the local library and use the internet there! (There’s a little trivia for y’all. I’m going to quiz you at the end of the year, so pay attention! Write this all down and memorize it! Just kidding. XD)

Anyway, I also wanted to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my beloved mother. ❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ❤

Right now I’m listening to the song “You don’t have to yell” by Chris Rice. I LOVE that song!!!! I love music. Music is the rhythm for life. What are some of your favorite songs?

I’ve also been trying desperately to get inspired to work on my stories. I have two short ones and one longer one started and all planned out, I just can’t bring myself to actually write them out. *Miserable sigh* I. NEED. TO. WRITE! Someone make my brain work! I guess I can get you some “sneak peeks”, as we call them, into my new story Priceless. (That seems to be a very common name, though, so I am wondering if I should change it to worthy or something like that…Ideas people? I need ideas!)

“Ah, life is good.” Jordan said as she sat down in front of her desk. Piles of papers, school books and half-finished drawings lay in a disorganized heap in front of her. Jordan had promised herself that one day she would sort through everything and clean it all up. That day never seemed to come, though.

Eloise looked up with shining eyes at Jordan, happy that her older sister was paying attention to her. “I was just going to color. You could come with me, too, if you wanted! It could be lots of fun!”

Jordan tousled her sister’s hair. “Alright. I think I have a coloring book somewhere in this pile.” She pushed papers aside until she found a rather crumpled book filled with half colored pictures.

“I’m not as lazy as may seem from my desk, Eloise!” Jordan said with a laugh.

Sitting down on the bedroom floor, the two girls began to add color to the bleak pages before them. Jordan couldn’t help thinking that color gave such life to the world. Jordan loved colors. She always wore bright, cheerful hues. Her room was decorated in such a way to bring cheer to whoever was in it. She always had fresh flowers on her window sill and several potted plants were placed wherever there was room. Although Eloise shared a room with her sister, she had very little input into how the room was designed.

Little did they know that that one call would change their lives…forever.

Okay so maybe it could use some work…a lot of work…but stories are always rough at the beginning, right? Is it that way for everyone or is it just me?

*Racks brain for more weird things to write about* Umm…Yoveil was sick yesterday, poor little girl. And my sister started a new handwritten journal. (Just a bit of personal news from our family! XD) Also, this morning when I tried to feed my pet chickens, the door to their coop was stuck shut. After I finally got that open, I went to the garage where their food is kept and the door there was also frozen shut.

*Crickets chirping and people thinking, “Seriously? What is wrong with this girl?”*

I suppose I’ll spare you any more torture and I’ll just post this.

Until next time,


(I feel like I’m signing a letter…the person who gets this as a letter would be very unfortunate.)

11 thoughts on “14 Days Without Internet + Other Random Stuff

  1. I liked “getting your letter”! Ooh dear! It’s cold where you live! (I’ve told my parents that when I grow up, and want to live like that. Having no internet and going to the library to get it.)

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  2. Oh, wow! That would seem like forever…. 14 days???!!! I was wondering what happened to you. I’m glad you’re not dead!
    My favorite songs are The Love of God and Be Still My Soul

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  3. Well I’m not surprised that the door was stuck shut, isn’t it like negative 1,000 degrees there? Brrrr!!! I wish we could have chickens but we need to have .5 acres of land according to our township. Guess what we have? .49!!!! Ahhhh!!! Going to go listen to that song!

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    1. Ha ha, 😂 it feels like it sometimes! Before we moved here we NEVER had weather like this, so it has been a new experience!
      Ooh, that’s so sad about your land! Chickens are great! I’ve had ’em ever since I was 7 or 8.😊


  4. I always sign off as if writing a letter! ❤ I think letter writing is a lost art form and I still have a few pen pals I try to keep up with when I can.

    Until I went to college, and even partway through that, my family never had cable or internet. In the last three or four years, they have caved and chosen to have internet services at home. I can't tell you how incredibly thankful I am that I didn't grow up with it in the palm of my hand. I see people all around me that can't survive without their phones for half an hour and I feel this…peace…when I go without that constant connection to the internet and electronics. I love going "off the grid" so to speak just to recenter and relax. (Of course, I also love the access and blogging and emailing my friends! And Goodreads! Who could live without Goodreads! XD)

    And I SO feel you on the writing! It's so hard to actually sit down and DO it sometimes! Even when you really want to! And my writing is all rubbish, especially in the beginning! XD You are NOT alone, girl!

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    1. Letter writing is defiantly a lost art. I have several pen pals and I have been so blessed by them. 💞I’m SO shy and don’t make friends much at all, so pen-paling has saved me from being really lonely.

      Oh wow! I think it’s neat that you didn’t have internet for so long. There is a peace that comes from being without it. I think it is sad that it has taken control of life for so many people. 😭

      Phew!!! I’m glad I’m not alone in the writing struggle!!!! 💞

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  5. Same! Pen pals are amazing! It’s so much more personal than sending a text or an email. And it’s definitely easier on us shy folk. XD

    I’m really glad my parents decided against it and if I ever have kids, I will certainly limit their exposure to it in childhood. Agreed!

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