Snow Candy + Random Stuff

I have no profound words of wisdom and beauty to delight you with today. Not that I ever did… I’m just going to ramble on about nothing in particular for a while until you all can’t stand it and get so bored that you go do something else. XD

My grandparents are visiting!!! They got here last night! They brought my uncle Grant and my second cousin Cannan as well! ❤

After a nice meal of breakfast casserole and my beloved decaf coffee (anyone else drink decaf?) Jehosheba and I put on our warm clothes to go outside and feed my three chickens. It was -29 here!!! NEGITIVE TWENTY-NINE!!! Who ever heard of such crazy cold? (With the wind chill added, it was supposed to be -40 or -50, I think.) It wasn’t actually as cold as I thought it would be. Everything was covered in a powdery snow! I love cold and I love snow!!!

Anyway, Nana brought some cute little baby clothes to dress both boys in. (Dovid and Cannan are about the same age.) We had a big baby photo shoot! Oh they were so amazingly cute!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Who doesn’t absolutely love babies?!?!?!

Focus on the cute babies and NOT my photography!


Yeah, so maybe I’m not the greatest at taking pictures. In fact I can’t stand to look at those pictures! The babies are soo amazingly cute, but my photography “skills” are SO AWFUL!

Since it was so cold here, we decided that there had to be some fun stuff to do with the cold! Jehosheba and I decided to make maple candy…

Here is a DIY for you all to try! (Unless you live in a place with no snow at all. If so, I AM SO SORRY!!!)

Things you need:

A glass pan

Measuring cups

A small pot

2 cups of maple syrup

1 stick of butter


Go outside and fill the glass pan with snow. (And if it is below 0, take a lesson from me and wear gloves. Otherwise your hands freeze.) Leave the pan of snow outside and go inside to make the candy.

Put the maple syrup and butter into a pan and heat it on medium heat for a while. You have to watch it carefully, otherwise it will bubble over and that makes a huge mess. (Don’t ask me how I know. *Rueful grin*) Keep it on the stove until it reaches 235 degrees. You can test it by taking a spoonful and pouring it over some snow. If the candy stays on top of the snow and has a toffee feel, then it is ready!

Once the mixture is up to heat, bring your snow inside. Then carefully pour the mixture on top of it. BE CAREFUL! It is very, very, very hot and if you get any on your skin it will stick and keep burning. It won’t be a pleasant experience.   

Leave the candy on the snow for a few seconds until has become like toffee or caramels. Then eat it! Ahh, the great things about snow and sweet stuff!

Pictures from candy making!!! ❤

Anyway, I hope you have fun with this! Enjoy the rest of your day!!! 🙂 (Can any of you tell that I’m in a bouncy, happy mood? I think my sister wishes I was like this more often. XD!)

12 thoughts on “Snow Candy + Random Stuff

    1. Ha ha! Come for a visit and you can hold Dovid! 🙂
      Yup, it is SOO cold here. We had to cancel some appointments because no one wants to be out driving after dark. Wow!!!! 44 sounds amazing! Our neighbors are in Florida right now… warm!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This was neat! I LOVE babies… in fact, I just had a little cousin born recently!
    You’re a professional photographer!
    Wow! That’s so cold! It’s in the 50s here. That’s cold for me. It like never snows here.:(

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t babies just so cute? Congrats on your cousin!
      Aww, thanks! I really want to learn how to take better people pictures!
      Wow! 50! I can’t imagine that right now! Oooh, that is terrible that you don’t get snow!😣

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, they are adorable!
        What scares me about the weather is, the college I’m planning on going to after graduation is having -42 degree weather right now!!!! If 50 degrees is cold, what am I going to to?!

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