Guest Post!

Today I have, as a guest, my cousin Allie!!! I’ve asked her some questions and she has kindly answered them. 🙂

Please welcome, ALLIE!!!!!!

What is your middle name?

My middle name is Kate!!!

Do you know what it means?

I have absolutely no clue what it means, I know my first name meaning though!!!! My first name (Alexandra) has more than one meaning but the one I love the most is “Protector of men” because I have only brothers.

What is your favorite song/song artist?

My favorite song is In Tenderness by Citizens and Saints but my favorite singers are For King and Country!!!!

Do you have a favorite book?

The Bible!!!

What do you like to do with your friends?

I love to just talk and hang out and joke and laugh with them!!!!

What do you hope to do with your future?

In my future I want to get a good job and get married!!  I want to go to a good collage and still have my friends surrounding me!!!

Do you have a favorite bible verse?

My favorite bible verse is Philippians 4:4, which says, “Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice”!

Bonus question! What do you think of your cousins (the weird ones)?

Which ones are the weird ones?!? I’m just kidding! I love all of my cousins and all of them are weird!!! They get weirder the more they hang out with me though! They are all kind loving and spend time with me just like my friends!!! They are my friends!!!

What do you want to share with the people who read this blog?

The point of answering these questions is to share the answers but if you need me to tell you then yeah!!! Remember that there is a purpose for EVERYTHING!!

Some other things are: my favorite color is blue, my best friend’s name is Abby and my hobbies include photography, singing, piano, basketball and being crazy!!!!


Thank you so much, Allie!!! 🙂 ❤

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