Goodbye 2018!

Hello everyone! I’m finally going to post on my blog again. For those of you wondering why I didn’t post the 4th chapter of “Hope to Elipion” yesterday…well, I have several excuses good reasons why not. First of all, I haven’t written it yet. I thought that I’d take this Saturday off in honor of several things: little Dovid’s birth, my parents’ anniversary, Christmas, the new year, and because I am really tired and my brain doesn’t write good stories when I’m half asleep. Don’t despair! I will post the next part next Saturday! Today, though, I am writing about saying goodbye to 2018… 🙂

Wow. That’s the only word that comes to my mind at this moment. I can’t believe that 2018 is coming to a close! Soon we begin a new year. A fresh year with a clean slate. Sadly, that clean slate doesn’t exactly last very long… *Eyes filling with tears*

So much has happened in 2018. Looking back, it is amazing all that has changed in our lives!

January 2018 – Okay…so I can’t really remember much of what happened last January. Well, both of my parents and Nahum had birthdays. We started really thinking about a move to a camp. We were (still) looking for a church to stay with.

February 2018 – Again, I can’t recall anything extraordinary. I started reading the “Anne of Green Gables” books. I’ve kept a daily journal for the last three years now, so I should be able to remember more of what happened! Hold on, I’ll go get my journals and be right back…

*A long time later*

Okay, so I’m back. I have all of my journals sitting in a big box right now and it took me a while to get all of the ones from 2018 out of the box and back to my computer here. I have 17 journals (most of them are school notebooks!) from 2018. I journal SO MUCH. In the last three years I have used up a grand total of *drums and trumpets sound* 49 journals!!! Don’t ask me what I find so appealing about journaling. *Sigh* You probably won’t like my answer.

Anyway, back to last February…

February 2018 – well…nothing super exciting happened. Mainly, my journal talked about school, the weather, food and sleep. (The great essentials of life! XD!) We were on a diet then, I believe, so I was making all sorts of desserts with substitute flours and no sugar! I read a lot in the dictionary during that time. (I’m not kidding. The dictionary is a great way to learn lots of stuff about lots of different things! Sadly, it is rather limited in its length of info about most subjects.) Oh, I just found something in my journal that was worth mentioning (to me). When we moved to that place, we found a great church. We stayed with it for a year or so, but then it kind of disappeared, and we didn’t see most of the people there for a long time. But then in February we got to see almost everyone from the church!!! It was so wonderful!

We visited new friends’ houses and I totally panicked about most of the visits. (I’m an introverted person and don’t like being around crowds. Mainly because I am so different from the majority of people and that makes me feel out of place and then I feel like I stick out and I REALLY dislike that!)

March 2018 – We went on lots of walks and took pictures. I made lots of diet-friendly Jell-O. (It’s just made from unflavored gelatin mixed with stevia or monk fruit and some flavor added.) Mommy and Daddy took a three-day class to learn CFT. While they did that my grandparents watched us. We had a lot of fun!

Yoveil also got her tongue and lip ties released.

We drove a few hours and visited my great-grandma who was in the hospital at the time.

April 2018 – Visited more friends. Went on more walks. Took more pictures. We found out that Dovid was in the womb! We also heard back from a camp that was interested in hiring Daddy. I bought several books to read. (I spend lots of money on books. It’s my weak point!)

May 2018 – One night there was a tornado warning, so we went down to the basement and ate crackers and read a story! XD!

We drove a few hours to visit the camp that was interested in hiring Daddy. They offered Daddy the job and he accepted. We would move up at the camp at the beginning of July.

Jehosheba and I tried to talk each other into getting nose rings! XD! We got fake non-piercing ones and wore them around for a week to see if we really liked ourselves with nose jewelry!

June 2018 – We did lots of packing (we have a lot of stuff…). We had a house showing. We said goodbye to friends. (And I accidently broke my reading kindle by sitting on it [accidently] at a weird angle!) Jehosheba had her 12th birthday and got to celebrate it by having a sleepover with her friend.

July 2018 – July was a big, busy month. We finished the packing, sold some stuff, stuffed the U-Haul full and left for our new home. Nana and Papa came and helped with the move, which was really nice. We arrived at the camp and received a nice welcome. We did a lot of unpacking and began to get settled in.

August 2018 – We got back into school (we took a big break for the move). I wrote friends and explored our house.

September 2018 – This is getting kind of long, and September wasn’t a particularly wonderful month for me, so I’ll just not write much about it. I did lots of school.

October 2018 – I turned 15 years. I got my nose pierced and Jehosheba got her ears done. Baruch turned 7 years old.

November 2018 – Yoveil turned 3 years old. I started my blog. There isn’t much else that needs to be mentioned.

December 2018 – Little Dovid was born!!!

And so we say…Goodbye 2018! Welcome 2019!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!

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