Welcome, Dovid Uri Kintsugi

I have some wonderful news to share with you all!!! Mommy gave birth to the baby early (very early) December 23rd (at 4:24 AM)!!! She gave birth at home and all of us kids got to see! He is 8lbs 15oz and 20 ¾ inches long! 😍!!!! I am so excited to finally meet my cute little brother! Yoveil, who for months has been looking forward to this, just loves looking at her little brother! She likes to sit on the bed next to Mommy and stroke his tiny hands!!! 😍

Baby is Born 059
Isn’t he so cute?! 😍
Baby is Born 087
Me and “Tiny Baby” 😊
Baby is Born 128
Yoveil wanted to hold him so badly! She was so happy when she finally got a chance! ❤
Baby is Born 132
I love babies!!!!!!🤩

His name is… Dovid Uri Kintsugi. (He gets two middle names like two of his other siblings! 🙂)

Yesterday Yoveil and I made special brownies to celebrate the new arrive. We had that with ice cream (a tradition in our family!)

Welcome little brother Dovid! We thank God for your safe arrival and we love you so much! We can’t wait to see who you become and what God has in store for you!

15 thoughts on “Welcome, Dovid Uri Kintsugi

  1. He’s so perfect! And that photo of you and him is like a painting, I just love it so much!! You have this natural elegance and grace in the images I’ve seen of you, they are just beautiful. ❤️

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