Brother Conversation

I have five siblings. Four of them are under ten years. With younger kids, there are lots of funny comments and cute things that can happen!

We recently bought a card game called Where in the World is Carman Sandiego? Baruch, who is six, misunderstood the name. For the first couple days after we got it, Baruch would say, “Hey, do you guys want to play the Marvin Sandybagel game?” SO CUTE!!!

My little sister Yoveil, who just turned three, is…umm…going through a stage in her life. The mad, grumpy and angry stage that normally happens in kids when they are two. She can be really cute and sweet still, but she gets really grumpy and angry a lot. A couple days ago Nahum was in his bedroom putting on his snowsuit. (He and Baruch were going to go outside and play in the snow.) Yoveil wanted to go as well. Somehow, Nahum made her mad (probably by not putting her snowsuit on so that she could go out.)

She said, “Nahum, I’m going to throw this at you – wait, I don’t have anything to throw. Stay right here. I’ll be back!” She ran off to get something to throw at her brother. *Shakes head* Where does she learn this stuff? I guess she sees her brothers wrestling all of the time and they can be pretty rough with each other. I never did understand why getting punched in the stomach (and giving punches back) is attractive to some boys…

A few minutes ago I asked Baruch to come into my room. I was secretly recording our conversation…This is it! (Don’t worry, I received permission from my little brother to use this conversation on my blog! XD!)

Me, calling from my bedroom: hey Baruch, come here!

Baruch leaves the living room where he was playing a game with Nahum and runs in.

Me: what are you doing?

Baruch: I was playing with Nahum. What did you want me for?

Me: umm, what were you playing?

Baruch: Go Nuts for Doughnuts.

Me: is that a fun game?

Baruch: yeah! If you have two coffees, it gets worse. Like if you have one coffee, it makes one…umm…like if you two negative or the Day Old Doughnuts. If you have the Day Old Doughnuts, it’s negative seven. But if you have a coffee, it makes one of them go away and then you get a point!

Me, very confused: sounds…umm…confusing…

Baruch: yeah. And then if you have two of the coffees, it makes the Day Old Doughnuts turn into five!

Me: oh wow. Sounds really confusing.

Baruch: yeah. You can give your negative two to other players if you get the Cinnamon Twist. I did that with Nahum. And then he just gave me his other one back! It was the same. But there still was nothing since I had two of them.

Me: *blinks in confusion*

Baruch: you should watch to see it!

Me: maybe sometime.

Baruch: okay!

And with that he ran out of the room and back to his game! He’s a cute little boy! If any of you have little siblings, you know how cute they can be!

2 thoughts on “Brother Conversation

  1. I feel SO relieved to know the boys are rough with each other there too! My almost 4 and almost 6yr old are constantly wrestling here!! And Yoveil cracks me up! My youngest used to take my boots (uggs I wear in the house) and when he would get mad at me, he’d pick up my boot and either throw it, or run off with it. I presume it was to teach me some kind of lesson. 🤣 Remember the stuff with your sibl8ngs, it will be fun to bring up at family parties one day when they’re older!! 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s good to know that your boys wrestle too! 😃 maybe it’s built into boys bodies! 🤣
      It’s so funny the “lessons” little kids try to teach other people as a way to get back at them! 😬
      I like to write down all the funny things that my siblings do and then I tease them about it later when they are older! 😂
      Thanks for commenting!!!


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