Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot

Snow, ice and cold. That’s what’s been going on here recently! And I get the feeling that we’re going to have a lot more snow, ice and COLD here!! But a few days ago everything was soooo beautiful! Before breakfast, I took my camera outside and took a few pictures…

There was this cute little bird that I had to take  a picture of!

I love taking close up pictures of ice covered things! Later, after lunch, Daddy said that he and I could go outside and take more pictures!! We got our warm clothes on, grabbed our cameras and sat down in the golf cart.

We drove to different places around camp and took some fun pictures.

I love these things!
So fun to take pictures of!
These cattails are so pretty!



Our golf cart

Then we headed over to our ice covered lake and took some pictures there.

People like to ice fish out in the cold!
Daddy taking pictures! 🙂


It was so nice to be outside in the beautiful, ice covered world!

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