Adventure In The Swamp

I’m sitting in front of my computer right now, wrapped in a really warm blanket. My hands and feet are frozen. You see, I spent the last two hours outside in twenty-four degree weather – in a swamp. (With thin gloves on…I tried to use my thick warm ones, but then I couldn’t take pictures with my camera. So I gave up my warm gloves in favor of some very thin ones!)

Right behind our house, there is a LOT of swampy land. Since we moved here, we haven’t really explored that too much. But today, when I went outside to play in the snow with Jehosheba (age twelve) and Baruch (age seven) we all got the brilliant idea to check the swamp out!

When we had received permission (with instructions to stay together and that if one of us got all soaked we were to come inside and get warm right away before going back out) I grabbed my camera and we set out for our adventure!

This is what most of it looks like

It has been pretty cold here recently, so everything has been covered in snow and ice! We started walking and we came upon a LARGE frozen puddle!

So fun to slide on!

Baruch and Jehosheba had a lot of fun skidding around on here. I didn’t do it too much because I didn’t want to fall and break my camera! So I just took pictures of them as they played.

My little brother

After a while, Baruch got bored of that and wanted to go exploring. We set off. I lead because (1) I like going first in certain things and (2) no one else wanted to fall through the ice layer and into the half frozen mud below. We walked for quite a ways and then…well, my boot broke through the ice layer and into the disgusting mud below. (It smelled BAD.)

My mud covered boot

I took a step back and my other boot broke through and cold, muddy water filled it! My foot was FREEZING! My siblings and I trudged back home and I got warmer boots. My little sister wanted to come out with us, so we bundled her up and then we all went back out.

It was a perfect, cold day!





Those holes were where I stepped and broke through!
This wasn’t frozen yet
There are a lot of robins that drink from this area! I tried to get a picture of them, but they always flew away whenever I got close!
The sun was hitting the snow and making it so beautiful!!!
Jehosheba was in charge of making sure Yoveil didn’t fall into the mud!




We all wandered around in the swamp for a while until we all got cold and went back inside. It was a beautiful time and I really enjoyed it!

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