A Peek Into My Monday

This is a little look into what your life would be like, if you were me. My camera wasn’t working on this day *eyes filled with tears* so the pictures below were taken with a phone. *Frown* They look really bad but I thought I might as well include them anyway!

Monday, November 26, 2018

8:50 AM

I force my eyes open and stare up at the blank ceiling for about 4 seconds before I crawl to the edge of my bunk bed and jump three feet down to the carpeted floor below. I stumble to my window and yank the blinds up. My eyes are met by the same site that has met them so many other mornings. The blank, grey sky and leafless trees. Depressing, eh?


I walk over to my cluttered desk and pull out my green notebook that serves as my faithful journal. I flip to an empty page and scrawl the date and time before sitting down to write out my thoughts and desires for the day (more accurately, what we plan to do and how I am not looking forward to doing school).

Yeah, so maybe I wasn’t quite awake yet…

When I’m done with that, I head to the bathroom where I get ready for the day.

I’m still 85% asleep here

I then head to the dining room and sit down at the table for breakfast with my family. This morning’s meal is banana bread that I made a few days ago. While we eat, our mother reads the Bible to us. A good start to the day!

9:45 AM

While Jehosheba cleans off the table, I put on my coat and gloves and head outside to feed my three pet chickens. Snow flutters down around me as I greet my little pets.


After giving them their food for the day and making sure that their water is good, I stand for a moment in the cold wind to admire the world around me.


But the cold doesn’t allow me to stay out too long. I say goodbye to my chickens and hurry back to my warm house. I get started on my school work.


After working on that for a bit, my mother and sister join me in my room. We spend a few minutes reading stories (that Jehosheba and I have written) and enjoying company.

This isn’t a great picture. But like I said, my camera wasn’t working *moans*
So I’m a little more awake here than in the previous pictures.

I glance outside and see, to my great joy, that the clouds have cleared, the snow stopped and everything is alive and shining in the bright sunshine!

10:30 AM

I head down to the office in our basement. I work on my language and math studies. (Math…Grrr…Math really annoys me. If I could choose one school subject to avoid, it would be math. I enjoy most of my other school work…math is my archenemy in the school world. It doesn’t like me and I don’t like it! XD!)

11:15 AM

I head back upstairs to work on more school. This time, the fun stuff! (History, science, health, etc.) While I slave over my school (and my siblings do the same!), Daddy sells our old van! Yay!

12:00 PM

Lunch time! Daddy comes in from work to eat with us. (We live at the camp where he works, so we get to eat most meals together). I take a break from my school work to eat quickly and then spend a few minutes alone in my room writing in my journal. Soon I am called back into the dining room to sing a few psalms before Daddy has to head back out to work. Mommy reads aloud a book on world history that we have. (That what my brothers’ do for history. I have my own history thing that I use, but I listen in to my brothers’ history book.)

12:50 PM

Time to get back to my school work. After I finish all of my work for the day, I head down to the basement to use the exercise equipment for 30 long minutes. *Groans*

Doesn’t that just look…uninviting and cold?

Yeah, so the truth is that I don’t normally exercise for 30 minutes every day. (It’s more like 30 seconds every day…) But I decided to start using the equipment for at least 15 minutes, five days a week. (Don’t ask me why…*short silence* Well, if you really want to know, the main reason is because my health class requires 30 minutes of exercise, 3 times a week. And I thought, “Hey, why don’t I do that every day? I mean, it couldn’t be that hard, could it?”) I set a timer for 30 minutes and hop onto the very old stationary bike.

…Sixty seconds later I am completely bored. The real reason I don’t get much exercise is because (1) it is freezing outside, so I can’t really go for walks and (2) because it is cold outside, I have to use the exercise equipment in the basement and it gets really boring sitting in one place for 30 minutes and staring at the wall.

Truth be known, I don’t exercise as much as I should, because I think it is really boring! *Looks guilty* I should probably get over that…

Anyway, I peddle on that stationary bike for 30 minutes. By the end of that, I am bored out of my mind. (Not too tired, mind you, just bored. I’m not sure which is worse…) I jump off and walk back upstairs. I am greeted by my younger brothers as they race after each other.

1:45 PM

I quickly finish my chores and then head to my room to water my straggly plants.

My pepper plant

2:00 PM

Mommy heads off to her bedroom to take a nap. (Being massively pregnant and helping 2 young boys with their school all morning is hard work!) I remind my siblings of their chores and then head outside. The sky was such a beautiful blue and the sun was shining so brightly, it just seems to beckon me! I slip my coat and my (sister’s) shoes on and step out into the fresh (cold) air. Nineteen degrees isn’t so cold, right?

SUCH A PERFECT DAY TO TAKE PICTURES!!! I miss my camera terribly! *Sobs* The phone just isn’t the same!
*Loud sobs* Dear ol’, Camera! Why aren’t you working when I need you?!
Poor cold me!

My fingers start to go numb, so I decide it is time to head back inside. I wonder what my siblings are doing and go to find them.

Baruch, Yoveil and Nahum are playing games on the computer.
Sister Jehosheba looking for greeting cards to buy.

Before Mommy went to nap, she said that I could make a sugar-free dessert if I wanted to. I decide to take her up on the offer. I find a cookie recipe (which I modify somewhat) and grab my little kitchen helper and set to work.

She loves to help me bake because she knows that I will give her lots of taste tests!

I use monk fruit instead of sugar and changed a couple other things and POW!

Okay, so sugar-free modified cookies don’t have that “perfect” cookie look…

I stick the pan into the oven to bake for 12 minutes. While cookie smells fill the air, I take a gulp of my favorite drink and then settle down in front of my desk to work on my computer.

Kombucha is seriously one of the greatest drinks ever! You should all try it!!

3:30 PM

The sky clouds over. Dusk is approaching. Soon everything will be covered in the blackness of night. I still sit at my computer and type away.

My ol’ friend! XD!

4:00 PM

I am still sitting at my computer. Mama is up from her nap now and is about to get started on supper preparations. Jehosheba still looks at greeting cards to buy (some of them are REALLY cute!) and my brothers are still playing video games on the computer.

I decide it is time to save my work and shut my computer down. I’ll spend a while lying on my bed with a good book (or with my kindle which has a lot of great books!).

I have over 70 books on my kindle!!

I’ll also read a chapter in the book that we use in our Community Group at church.

4:50 PM

After spending 50 minutes reading and looking at cute greeting cards that I want to buy, I head into the kitchen and make guacamole as a side for supper!  (It contains avocados, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Mash everything up together in a bowl and enjoy!) Wordless Celtic music plays in the background. *Growls* I like Celtic music a lot, but when it is wordless and plays over and over and over and over again, it gets annoying.

5:00 PM

Supper time! Daddy gets home from work and we sit down at the table for tacos! *Licks lips* After supper and clean up, I continue looking for greeting cards and other holiday gifts online to buy.

Outside my only bedroom window, darkness settles over the land…

5:45 PM

I have finished looking through the millions of options for great gifts and I’ve settled for a few nice things. I reach for a letter I received recently and start my reply. I found a good radio station and now there is delightful Christmas music playing in the background.

6:45 PM

I sit down at my computer and begin to type. (I’m working on a super-secret project!!! *Long silence*…okay, not really but I can pretend it is, right?) Daddy looked at my camera and got it working again!!!! I am so excited because now I won’t have to use the phone for pictures anymore!!!

My dear little camera! You’re back!!

The blackness outside makes it feel very late. Everyone is winding down for the night (or in my brothers’ cases, revving up!) even though we won’t go to sleep for a few hours. I decide to work on letters and reread some writing that I have done. Then maybe I’ll crawl into bed and read for a while.

8:40 PM

Mommy and Daddy do CFT therapy on each other in the living room. The much dreaded Celtic music is playing in the background.

I spend a little time playing with toys with my sister Jehosheba. (Who says a 15-year-old is too old to play with her little sister?) After playing for a little bit, I walk to the computer and add all of my Christmas gifts to the CurrentCatalog cart. (Christmas shopping in November is fun. It would be even better if we were listening to Christmas music instead of *growl* Celtic music.)

While Jehosheba looks through the gifts she wants to buy, I send an email to my cousin Allie.

9:40 PM

I brush my teeth and settle into bed with a magazine. My siblings watch fun videos in the dining room.

 In about an hour, all of us children will go into our parents’ bedroom for the nightly bible reading. Then we will all head to our beds and close our eyes, thanking God for the day that he gave us.

Goodnight all!

Thank you all of joining me for one day in my life! It was an honor to be able to share this with you! Thanks for reading!

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